Oscar Nominations 2012: And the Nominees Are ...

Jennifer Lawrence and Academy president Tom Sherak make the big announcement.
5:09 | 01/24/12

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Transcript for Oscar Nominations 2012: And the Nominees Are ...
Let's go to Beverly Hills actress Jennifer Lawrence and academy president Tom Sharon. -- -- to make the big announcements. Hello everybody. Good morning. And welcome to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. I'm Tom chair president of the academy. This morning we will share the news we've all been waiting for. I'm very happy to be joined by one of last year's best actress nominees Jennifer -- -- Good Morning America on the 2011. Nominees for best performance by an actress in a supporting role all our. -- -- needs these yellow in the audience. Jessica chest pain in that help. Melissa McCarthy in bridesmaids. -- -- here an Alvin knobs. And Octavia Spencer. In that help Jennifer. -- For best performance by an actor in a supporting role the nominees are. -- Ron and my week with Marilyn. Jonah Hill and money -- Making LC and warrior. Christopher Plummer and beginners. And Max -- -- down an extremely loud and incredibly close. For best performance by an actress in a leading role the nominees -- -- Glenn Close and Albert -- Viola Davis the help. Remarry in the girl with the dragon tattoo. Merrill Streep in the iron lady. And Michelle Williams in my week with Marilyn. The nominees for best performance by an actor and a leading role are. -- this year and a better life. George Clooney and the descendants. Jones he -- and and artist. Gary Oldman in tinker tailor soldier spy. And Brad Pitt and money -- For best achievement in directing. Michelle odds on obvious -- else for the artists who Alexander -- for the descendants. Martin Scorsese for you go. Woody Allen for midnight in Paris. And Terrence Malick for the tree of life. For best original screenplay the nominees are. Michelle has -- nation's for the artist. Any -- Malo and Kristen wig for bridesmaids. JC show and door for margin call Woody Allen for midnight parents. And -- Arafat -- for a separation. For adapted screenplay we have. Alexander Payne. Nat Faxon and -- -- for the descendants. John Logan for you go. George Clooney and grant has club and bowl will all -- four as of march. -- these -- Aaron Sorkin and stand chairman for money ball. And Bridget O'Connor and -- strong for tinker tailor soldier spy. For best foreign language film we have. From Belgium -- had. From Israel but note. From Poland and darkness. From Canada -- -- your lives are. And from -- on a separation. For best animated feature film the nominees -- A cat in Paris falungong you'll -- long -- Phillip Cole a. Chico and -- -- and Rita for non bill Schwab day and hobby AM Moscow -- scale. Kong through Pandit to Jennifer you Nelson. Puss in -- Chris Miller. And Rangel. -- -- -- -- And finally I'm pleased to announce that the films selected as best best picture nominees for 2011. Are. Or worse Stevens bill -- and Kathleen Kennedy producers. The artist Thomas -- man producer. Money bomb Michael Deluca Rachel -- -- and Brad Pitt producers. The descendants Jim -- Alexander Payne and Jim Taylor producers. The tree of life nominees to be determined. Midnight in Paris ready Aronson and Stephen -- and -- producers. The help -- and Green and Chris Columbus. And Michael Barney and producers. Hugo. Graham king and Martin Scorsese producers. And extremely loud an incredible. Scott -- and producer. Please join us on February 26. When we celebrate the magic of the movies thank you thank you Jennifer.

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{"id":15428308,"title":"Oscar Nominations 2012: And the Nominees Are ...","duration":"5:09","description":"Jennifer Lawrence and Academy president Tom Sherak make the big announcement.","url":"/GMA/video/oscar-nominations-2012-artis-descendants-moneyball-hugo-films-15428308","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}