Octavia Spencer on Oscar Win, Standing Ovation

Actress discusses winning an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for "The Help."
4:15 | 02/27/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Octavia Spencer on Oscar Win, Standing Ovation
Patient was Octavia Spencer who won the Oscar for best supporting actress for her role. In the help. And help me. Help me. Saying congratulations. To. Okay. Okay. O'clock I'm going to ask Robin -- that isn't on the hard. Lou what you say is viewer but does little fellow and appellate did you even get to a pillow well I did -- he just laid across my -- I would not let him go too far president sunken. No we -- you know it it's one of those things -- Amman adrenaline right now I I. I'm so elated I can't believe these guys haven't gone to benign and. The moment the continued. Can you remember anything about last -- the only thing I remember is. I thought Christian Bale when he was saying a name and -- Mike is there anybody else's name that begins with them. How could that -- -- whose own life and and not falling down. And everything else is what's it like white -- it was -- -- -- -- Don't fall down. This is what somebody says you know as. It was clear the house for that you want you you -- all the time that you needed. And you thought he had the -- to give you the bombs trust no honey you Oscar what do you didn't stay up there as long as you wanted. And it seems like you still can't understand that you all are at the forefront now alone you know what I'm. I. I just I -- myself just as -- you know just link in the chain. And -- that we had a very strong and beautiful -- I was moved amazing cast and crew and Heidi you know you never see yourself as as the forefront I hope might never start seeing myself as the fifth offense that's a tough I'm I it was it was pretty. The most spectacular night of my life to I have to say pretty spectacular with the help. The entire cast and the movie itself thank you and you really feel that even though with from the sixties that it resonates -- -- -- why. I I think people realize that we have much work to do in our country and it's been so taboo. To talk about race relations in. Relations -- regard to women's issues in all these other issues that we have. And you it's relatable you can you can find. Something of yourself within each of these characters so it that that's perhaps why you are many. -- they talk about the -- the character and you -- of a fabulous actress but that's asked comes naturally. If that's definitely got a naturally is the other stuff from her that I I I had to fine but this -- has no -- Nine minutes and there are some signs -- that we had about pie there was some don't eat the pie you apply. -- -- -- -- -- -- really felt it was one of those iconic moments in a film and to. -- should show his respect Cameron mathison. He wanted to bring you some -- I loved -- -- from -- need to say. -- It is going to -- -- from the republic of pie hit more than Hollywood in its chocolate you do like chocolate I loved Joplin what's in this back. Brilliant. -- is totally edible congratulations. -- back his. -- Until we get back to go movement the correct you got did you have to go get you to go over to Kelly want to -- that embedded in the -- That's what I want it to go -- at the -- congratulations.

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{"id":15799779,"title":"Octavia Spencer on Oscar Win, Standing Ovation","duration":"4:15","description":"Actress discusses winning an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for \"The Help.\"","url":"/GMA/video/oscar-winner-octavia-spencer-win-acceptance-speech-standing-15799779","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}