Oscar Winners Dujardin, Plummer on Big Win

The best actor and best supporting actor winners talk to Robin Roberts.
1:01 | 02/27/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Oscar Winners Dujardin, Plummer on Big Win
Nothing quite like hearing your name after the phrase and the Oscar goes to. I had a chance to talk to some the beaming leading man just moments after they collective there Academy Awards. Only two years older than me god and religion -- my. I must tell you okay -- channel 84. -- -- Yeah. But the longtime haven't gotten itself by the response the without notice I've always came from a heart and you know from your peers doesn't -- jacked around don't move out here. So that was particularly warm. I have a confession to make when I first emerged from my mother's womb. I was already rehearsing my academy thank -- streets. Yeah does this in all sincerity what does this. -- team to win. He's a great deal of course -- and don't go and don't go around all my life thinking of about an Oscar. If you did not -- -- -- done when your career. But when it happens and comes -- -- sort of -- surprised and rejuvenate us your career. Although I was having a great time. No complaints. Saying I don't think -- -- career well yes but when he needed -- and rejuvenate maneuver this and help us. -- -- -- -- Picture reminds people that you still have a -- -- it's from 82 year old Christopher Plummer. Now the oldest Oscar winning actor ever to John -- -- the first Frenchman to win best actor. He just let him bad blood untried recruits -- did say. How did the radio I'm Nancy. That skeptical polite -- you. His name -- -- Let's -- you know. And what does that mean. It's -- love. -- -- From America. Sooner. It's too much home -- It's functioning. An actor for a -- secretaries. Plus you can. No yes no I left I was I was very bad -- in the it was very stupid. And know again I'm stupid but. Congratulate thank you enjoy the --

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{"id":15799350,"title":"Oscar Winners Dujardin, Plummer on Big Win","duration":"1:01","description":"The best actor and best supporting actor winners talk to Robin Roberts.","url":"/GMA/video/oscar-winners-jean-dujardin-christophe-plummer-big-win-15799350","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}