Oscars 2012: The Best Moments

Academy Awards moments that came with tears and laughter.
1:53 | 02/26/12

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Transcript for Oscars 2012: The Best Moments
It was standing room only on the red carpet at the biggest night in Hollywood -- the Academy Awards. -- a familiar face was on hand to host the 84 annual Academy Awards the evening featured several surprises. Here now some of our favorite moments from off there. And in between brain. I have to thank my family my family in Alabama his state of Alabama. Please wrap up I'm wrap it up I'm sorry I'm freaking out. Thank you wound to follow god and thank you to WB and you play LA I'm sorry I love you thank you I'm sorry it's. Only two years older than me god and live this -- all -- I have a confession to make when I first emerged from my mother's womb. I was already rehearsing my academy thank -- speech. He does not and that bottom -- could speak it say. How big stadium -- best city. -- -- -- -- -- I really want to thank all my colleagues. All my friends I look out here and you know -- I see my life before my eyes this is such a great honor but the thing that counts the most with me. Is the friendships and the love and its sheer joy and we have shared making movies together my friends thank you all of you. Departed and and here. For this you know inexplicably wonderful career thank you so much things.

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{"id":15798092,"title":"Oscars 2012: The Best Moments","duration":"1:53","description":"Academy Awards moments that came with tears and laughter.","url":"/GMA/video/oscars-2012-best-moments-15798092","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}