Oscars Winners: 'The Artist' Wins Big in 2012

A look at who took home the coveted statues at the 84th Annual Academy Awards.
2:42 | 02/27/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Oscars Winners: 'The Artist' Wins Big in 2012
Some really great. Acceptance speeches last night amazing stuff me what do you like it and Oscar night a little comedy the little controversy. Couple of heartfelt acceptance speeches done done and done. And the Oscar goes to Merrill street. So much for the streets -- broken dream. For the best actress win for the iron lady her third Oscar but her first since -- hill was born. Meryl Streep got a one way ticket out of -- -- and on the Oscars days. For this you know inexplicably wonderful career thank you so much when -- -- -- kisses. Let's thank the Academy Awards bestowed a few -- ones as news that the artist took home five Oscars including best picture. And best director Michel -- of the issue. Remove heavy heading himself. I want to thank. Iggy the dog I'm not sure you understand what -- say John. This best actor could make himself understood in any language. No surprise that a whole Lotta love for the helps Octavia Spencer the supporting actress. Overcome with a motion yet ready with a joke. Thank you academy for putting -- with the hottest guy in the room. One of the hottest women in the room Jennifer Lopez Milton downtown glitter and Richard dare to -- -- -- -- -- and this is unique shot I would say hi this is -- to -- -- -- -- Sacha Baron Cohen -- as the dictator. Dumping what he said were ashes -- -- -- that a news Ryan Seacrest. Christopher Plummer. Racing up the 84 Academy Awards steps as the oldest performer ever to get an Oscar 82 year old best supporting actor Christopher Plummer. Only two years older than me darling whatever -- -- Billy Crystal turned back the clock. The ten minute Rasmus spastic -- But on -- -- we're just about everybody was a comedian. -- -- -- the quiet this picture making the biggest north. I love your country. What that guy gets farther with fewer words in English than anyone since five month old -- child or something like that is amazing.

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{"id":15799283,"title":"Oscars Winners: 'The Artist' Wins Big in 2012","duration":"2:42","description":"A look at who took home the coveted statues at the 84th Annual Academy Awards.","url":"/GMA/video/oscars-winners-artist-wins-big-84th-annual-academy-15799283","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}