Parasailing Accident Victim: My Body Was Preparing to Die

Teenager Sidney Good speaks about recovery from horrifying parasailing accident in Florida.
3:00 | 01/22/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Parasailing Accident Victim: My Body Was Preparing to Die
ABC news exclusive with the young survivor of a horrifying Paris an accident we first showed you last summer. -- good is speaking out for the first time about the terrifying ordeal the loved both her and elect to spare child critically injured. In seasons he didn't see -- -- her story can wins good morning George the video is hard to watch what it is also hard to believe the two -- slammed into those buildings survived. This morning we hear from Sydney who shared which she remembered from those terrifying moments the told us it was still too early to appear on camera. Sydney goods horrific Paris sailing trip last summer caught on camera. Oh my god she -- friend Alexis spare child caught by the -- Catapulted it into two buildings. Leave a comment -- people at work it. Malkin the -- but it. I remembered seeing the people on the balcony that we won't members them kind of grabbing them and then after that I. -- -- Now Sydney is speaking out for the first time about the accident and her miraculous survive. About I think that my body was preparing himself -- that what has gotten used through that. -- I'm bad I'm believe or not. It happened this past July the line pulling the 217 year old from Indiana broke loose from the boat. These subsequent terrifying moments left her in critical condition but -- -- -- She was put on a ventilator with cracked vertebrae and severe brain trauma. I don't know exactly what happens when his ability -- when they fell. After they hit the the power lines and -- the car. Initial reports from investigators blamed an afternoon storm with strong winds they say several attempts to -- -- back -- -- the vessel failed. Shortly after the incident the company who ran the outing aquatic adventures released this statement. While we -- to best practices to minimize the risks associated with water sport activities sudden weather conditions can and do occur. Sydney's says doctors have told her she should not expect to make a full recovery. How bad is your -- I have -- -- them parents at home and that might trip over again is completely. This -- just gone. Alexis the other -- involved was released from the hospital earlier -- in Sydney and her family has filed a lawsuit against aquatic adventures overnight we've reached out to the company their attorney telling us they would like to comment but have a policy not to comment. On pending litigation. She wants -- yes and hoping to graduate with her class potentially in the chicken pieces you both are suffering just -- right -- think humans.

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{"id":21620959,"title":"Parasailing Accident Victim: My Body Was Preparing to Die","duration":"3:00","description":"Teenager Sidney Good speaks about recovery from horrifying parasailing accident in Florida.","url":"/GMA/video/parasailing-accident-victim-body-preparing-die-21620959","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}