Paris Jackson Continues Father's Legacy

Michael Jackson's daughter gives solo interview as she begins a movie career.
2:56 | 12/16/11

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Transcript for Paris Jackson Continues Father's Legacy
-- -- coming -- -- for Paris Jackson stepping -- for her first solo interview with Ellen DeGeneres as she begins her movie career. It is clear that the thirteen year old has some -- -- Jackson magic. ABC's medical injury has all the details of that candid interview. There's no doubt -- -- Jackson is every bit her father's daughter. My my cousin and I mean it's good it's a dance club the Chilean trying to get -- -- -- -- and it -- -- are they doing it now. And with snapped a thirteen year old had Ellen's audience eating out of her hand. It was her first solo interview meant to promote her new and first movie London's bridge and the three keys. -- Bridge is about trying stop pollution. And I know my dad always want to heal the world and I think you'd be great following his footsteps and trying just -- -- else. Her desire to be like her dad doesn't end with acting turns out the teenager also got his musical team. While I have Beyonce but I. And she's well aware that comparisons will be made. Well I understand that I would be put on certain level compared to him yes and I might not need -- standards but I mean. It's me she talks about never really understanding as a child just how important her father was to the world. When I was really last I didn't know that that -- I saw like yes he's he's got a few signs out -- figured everyone did that -- Today music is one of his daughter strongest ties to the father gone too soon -- and I watched everything on my heart. 99% of my brain -- his music. Now they're being raised by their grandmother Katherine. The life of Paris and her Brothers who were in the audience is a far cry from the secluded life they -- with their father. In the documentary living with Michael Jackson the pop -- -- about the impossibility. Of normal lives for his children. -- Chris -- in the school. The -- in the cheeses. So what happened -- me. The same and -- -- them. Today all three Jackson children show their faces in public their mask wearing days are over like -- stupid laboratory -- -- right. They have. And I can't really sell the right guy like the only try to protect us today Harris is happily enrolled in a school where she is treated like every other student this year when -- -- trade. I decided she got her -- walking her -- way of life media being of the but for parents his advice lives on he -- if I -- tomorrow always remember what I -- And I took -- advice and I remembered everything he told. The Good Morning America beyond a military get ABC news New York. -- an impressive young girl.

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{"id":15169480,"title":"Paris Jackson Continues Father's Legacy","duration":"2:56","description":"Michael Jackson's daughter gives solo interview as she begins a movie career.","url":"/GMA/video/paris-jackson-continues-father-michael-jacksons-legacy-15169480","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}