Patriots star Rob Gronkowski interrupts White House press briefing

Lara Spencer reports the buzziest stories of the day in "GMA' Pop News.
4:22 | 04/20/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Patriots star Rob Gronkowski interrupts White House press briefing
This just in, we have breaking news, bodacious corn has very large kernels and it's extra sweet. Good to know. . A little extra in "Pop news." "Pop news" room. Wait a minute. We have more "Pop news." Are you guys ready for it? Is that how you do special reports? You always hold your hand over your ear? Wait, what's that, okay, go. The white house briefing room got a surprise visitor, the Gronk dropping by to help Sean spicer at the podium. Take a little look. Need some help? I think I got this but thank you. Are you sure? Maybe. I'll let you go. All right, thanks, man, I'll see you in a minute. All right, that was cool. Spicer playing it cool. That's his reaction to the unexpected assistant -- assist. Well, the Gronk inches away after his help was deemed unnecessary in a room full of reporters. The new England patriots were at the white house with several other teammates there to celebrate their big super bowl win and obviously he got away from the group. He's a -- Like a big kid. He is a big kid. A great guy. Like a big kid. Likes to have funds. That room needs some laughs. I think that room often needs laughs. Thank you, Gronk. A pyramid scheme to show just how quick some celebrities and friends of Michael Strahan really are or aren't. The cast for season two of "$100,000 pyramid" hosted by that guy, Michael Strahan. Starts shooting this week. Today. Starts shooting this week. What a mix of celebs taking on the challenge. You got funny, "Snl's" Leslie Jones and Bobby Moynihan and Aaron Rodgers, cam newton and NASCAR's Kyle Busch and you have family, your "Gma" family, putting their egos on the line. Jesse palmer, Ali Wentworth and me, Lara Spencer. Only for you. No, I'm against Kyle Busch, so I feel I got this. Just don't have any nascar-related question there is no, and I hope you've been practicing. Jesse palmer told me he's been practicing. Ali has been watching the show. There you go. I have to. Our producer has been quizzing me daily. It's a lot of fun. None of us are competitive. That's the nice thing. But we're trying to help real people, our partners take home a massive prize. $100,000. Also look for an in zinc showdown Joey Fatone taking on Lance bass and premieres June 11th on ABC. Excited. I didn't know Ali was practicing. Up against Ali. She'd make me laugh and get distracted. Then finally, if you have ever been to IKEA you've likely used one of those giant blue recyclable bags to hold all the things you're buying that you don't really need. Well, now you can have something else you don't need a haute couture version, the arena bag by balenciaga. 99 cents they charge for that at IKEA. This one is $2100. Ooh. It's getting a ton of comparisons and attention online and lots of comments as you might Mac. Not the first time an everyday item has gone from real world to runway. La lens Agatha's designer loves to do this and made a name for himself of a Bernie sanders-inspired jacket. Yeah, remember that blazer jacket that was kind of purply. He did a haute couture version of that. A DHL deliveryman style shirt. He also did like a thousand dollar version of and also a very high-end version of juicy couture sweatsuit and that's just some of his -- He's on to something. Or not. It's my job to let you know that's what's happening in fashion and in the world. And that's "Pop news."

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{"id":46907973,"title":"Patriots star Rob Gronkowski interrupts White House press briefing ","duration":"4:22","description":"Lara Spencer reports the buzziest stories of the day in \"GMA' Pop News.","url":"/GMA/video/patriots-star-rob-gronkowski-interrupts-white-house-press-46907973","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}