Paul McCartney Gets Hollywood Star

McCartney's star is in front of Capitol Records alongside his Beatles mates'.
2:53 | 02/09/12

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Transcript for Paul McCartney Gets Hollywood Star
We are delighted today in honor of one of the world's legendary. -- -- -- As he has not read the 2416. -- star on the Hollywood walk of bank. Quantitative flow McCartney's star is now placed. Along side has -- needles and good friends and Ringo Starr. Star barbed comment I made -- -- recipient is being honored on the 48 anniversary of The Beatles. It's. Banks -- coming that you and council members and I thought they were great. Anyway. So this -- you know. Way back in his dream sweet little wolf. When -- kids -- we listened to. Buddy Holly. And all the -- -- grace. I would never saw it does today would come when. I'd be getting a star on the Hollywood walk of failure I was. -- impossible thing to happen. But it's -- we are today. That is happening. Well I couldn't have done it without. So at least three employees. The so so I want to. Say thanks to those guys -- -- would you Ringo. Okay. For being such eases you bring those have been a little under the weather today so -- couldn't come home. But we send our love to him now. -- -- Let's down goes so I I couldn't go without them the soil I want to thank those guys and bless them for being in my life. I also is anxious might finally. Without whom like -- in the Donetsk. I got -- -- remembers his today. My lovely wife Nancy you. -- my lovely son James. Okay.

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{"id":15551171,"title":"Paul McCartney Gets Hollywood Star","duration":"2:53","description":"McCartney's star is in front of Capitol Records alongside his Beatles mates'.","url":"/GMA/video/paul-mccartney-hollywood-star-15551171","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}