Pet Cloning Possible, for a Price

Pet owners are six figures away from returning their beloved pet to life.
3:58 | 01/11/12

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Transcript for Pet Cloning Possible, for a Price
-- -- now how far would you go to bring back a beloved pets the science of clothing is making it possible to go farther than ever before and there are planning. Devoted pet owners who are there and they enable the -- -- the hefty price tag for the not gonna let it stand in the way. Here's ABC's Dan here's the story. You are looking at -- moment when the love of Danielle parent role as life in a sense and returned from the dead it's now. Here that. -- -- -- -- -- -- This is the culmination of a more than a year out -- the pick them up the results of an encounter with -- -- and -- high tech and highly controversial industry. Of dog cloning. Daniels journey started when she was eighteen and she bought a dog named trouble from a pet store -- -- -- wall. She displayed her love for travel on her wall on her pillows on her bedspread. And by dressing him up in elaborate costumes they cannot have been happy when you put this policy was very very important that you love -- this loved him. -- -- to death. And when trouble died when he was nearly eighteen he was basically my son. So it was terrible it is. Heartbreaking that is when she took her love for her -- to a -- some people might find. Truly bizarre. She reached out to an animal cloning company in South Korea the only place in the world where you can get your dog -- The cost. A 100000. Dollars although Daniel convince the company to give her half -- because her journey. Was being chronicled for an upcoming TLC show called -- cloned my pet. Fifty grand. He did no -- you think. That's just too much money not a closes a 400 but -- -- cut at a I -- deal went troubles clone was born Danielle -- nervously via Skype. I know you. The dog cloning industry is fiercely controversial John Weston Dick wrote a book called dog ink. In which he argues the dog cloning industry is based in South Korea. Because that country has much lower ethical standards for the treatment of dogs this is a country where they -- drugs. For the dinner table right and -- you can just. You know rent -- them from the farmers for use in the laboratory and then hopefully if everything goes okay return them to the farmer where everything's not going to be okay. That's right in Korea some people he'd done and -- Vick says some of the dogs were used in the phone and processed as egg donors -- surrogate moms. Our later sent back to dog farms where they are killed. Does that give you any cause I did S and a lot of questions about this -- mom and what happens to Har and you know was she treated okay. They told her and us that this surrogate used in Daniel's case. As well as all of the surrogates they use are sent to a nice arm to live out their days. -- -- -- -- Just a few weeks ago the clone arrived at Daniel's home in New York City. He I could believe that it was it's amazing everything's the same everything even is -- personality is to say. What troubling is to do he does to his name is double -- double trouble -- at first when troubled Sakhalin bubble. What about the complaint that this is dollar rip off that you're not getting the same -- and -- -- being charged. Enormous -- mama my. Well let me what I did I mean it wasn't what I did deathly not for any -- everybody -- it was what I wanted so it was you know what I did this. Despite that criticism and a controversy Danielle is undeterred. In the process of making double trouble the South Koreans also produced -- second -- He will arrive at Daniel's house -- -- -- about naming him triple trouble or Good Morning America Dan Harris ABC news New York.

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{"id":15338091,"title":"Pet Cloning Possible, for a Price","duration":"3:58","description":"Pet owners are six figures away from returning their beloved pet to life.","url":"/GMA/video/pay-bring-back-clone-mans-best-friend-15338091","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}