A Peek Inside the Marchesa Showroom

Designer Georgina Chapman shows off Oscar dresses, fall collection.
3:00 | 02/26/14

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Transcript for A Peek Inside the Marchesa Showroom
I remember seeing this one on the red carpet who -- distant sound of my neck -- -- -- Beautiful and did you have her in mind as she had any thing to do with the -- we see here what she did actually because -- stresses it will -- sent it -- have we but I have to pass on -- -- -- -- -- And we know that the -- quite too much -- for me accent betraying. The beating was -- a bit different. Pace that was right up to press. This is beautiful. In this the actual damages -- -- yes she's tiny. It's not. What about down here -- this particular -- went someplace to. Yes this is addressed Stacy keep it won't and I believe -- a couple of -- again. And to the masters -- last year the Oscars as well the this isn't any fun dress offense -- He 98. It was a nation ready when France that big braves on the hand and and others. Was this her idea or did you just sort of -- -- straight from the runway. Yeah beautiful lit -- Havana the back back was just came down and eleven assists officials from both sets. I didn't if this -- -- abstinence. While she's tiny house after house to be tiny January -- music down this is absolutely beautiful and in the one here percent a classic case affects. -- -- it has the investments -- this society it's I think unit can be worn by many different types when. While this is a hard case -- -- You did gore check you that you really you know skin -- contract is amazing this is -- he's. Now this is classic with your eating in all of this is what -- -- to do. It is this is from awful corrections from -- house connection. And you know I love this enough the rich go McCain typical heating and I just as when he found contrast thank you become might just keep walking and making a guy -- -- an -- I think it's really -- you so we'll see this in the stores in the -- yes. I think. It isn't about if you would have used this -- to talk about what is about our case that's a little different from some other -- what is at its sets distress -- -- -- it's just beautiful contest when he talked to say you know can I just this week and off the will be respond to -- -- and so I didn't think I'm necessary thinking what makes my case is different it's just what we need to you what went --

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{"id":22685897,"title":"A Peek Inside the Marchesa Showroom","duration":"3:00","description":"Designer Georgina Chapman shows off Oscar dresses, fall collection.","url":"/GMA/video/peek-inside-marchesa-showroom-22685897","section":"GMA","mediaType":"yahoo only"}