Joe Paterno Fired, Riot Video Reveals Emotion

Tom Rinaldi explains the Board of Trustees' decision to fire coach, president.
2:44 | 11/10/11

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Transcript for Joe Paterno Fired, Riot Video Reveals Emotion
Bring an ESPN's Tom -- -- -- who has been tracking the latest on the -- well Tom I know you've been there all week long. There -- Penn State and you've seen the mood change on campus give us a sense of what's happening the things that we're not saying on camera. That's a very good question Robin we certainly saw very volatile reaction which. Really absorbed a lot of the news media's attention but certainly and other places of campus that we visited just for example. -- next to the Joseph Paterno statue outside of beaver stadium where we are now instead. Students gathered form an arm they sang the alma mater they sang the fight song they -- the signature motto we are Penn State. And they really wanted to stress that they didn't want the baby -- of the university tarnished by those students. Behavior reacted the way -- -- center. Volatile way last night and many were reacting because. The manner in which Joseph Paterno let's let go after 61 years of phone call can you tell us what went down behind the scenes there. -- -- -- -- -- They ESPN's Joseph shad reported -- a source close to the paternal family told -- that. Paterno was handed an envelope delivered by messenger just fifteen minutes prior. To the announcement that was made by the board telling him to call phone number he did and he was informed you will no longer be the head football coach. Here at Penn State I was speaking to another source very close -- the family. About ten minutes prior to that announced could be made Robin and outsource it Joseph Paterno had heard nothing and did not know the status of his tenure. In fact it turned out that he would not have the opportunity. -- 46 season here. And the question people have been asking -- and I'll ask you about Paterno is legacy of course this is a shadow on it but he talked about the statue his wife. And he had given millions to the university not just to the athletics department but also to the library to education there. How will he be remembered going forward. -- I think it's too soon to really answer that Robin but you know you understand what Joseph Paterno means. Not only to college football and not only to the Penn State football program. But as the living walking identity. -- university and the market he's left upon having been here for. More than sixty years to head coach for four and a half decades obviously. No one could have for seeing that his tenure would end in this way. And it does leave a mark to some degree on that how deep that mark what shape it takes only time will really be able to determine. Com and -- -- has always appreciate your time -- inside in your reporting on this take care thank you Tom.

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{"id":14922102,"title":"Joe Paterno Fired, Riot Video Reveals Emotion","duration":"2:44","description":"Tom Rinaldi explains the Board of Trustees' decision to fire coach, president.","url":"/GMA/video/penn-state-board-trustees-fire-joe-paterno-president-14922102","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}