Penn State Sex Abuse Scandal: Officials Step Down

Dan Harris reports on the scandal surrounding the school's former football coach
3:28 | 11/07/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Penn State Sex Abuse Scandal: Officials Step Down
-- though with the shocking charges of sexual abuse. -- -- a former Penn State football coach to university officials were asked to step down last night. After an emergency meeting of the university's board of trustees and those two will be in court this morning. ABC's Dan Harris is tracking the latest in a scandal that has only just unraveling right now morning Dan. They're having good morning -- you know they call this community here that happy valley -- in central Pennsylvania this morning though. Is anything but happy -- -- university officials who stepped down overnight one of them the athletic director. They're going to be in court as you say this morning turning themselves -- they are essentially accused. Of covering up the alleged sex crimes of a man who had retired in 1999 -- is still a very prominent part of this respected football. Program. -- I'm sorry let it. My attorney has advised me. The situation is in the courts. I'm not to make any comments. -- said dusty was once a rumor of -- linebackers for this story Penn State Nittany Lions. Considered both up possible successor to legendary head coach Joseph Paterno. And a community pillar for founding a charity for at risk children. But according to this explicit explosive grand jury report -- -- used his position to recruit young male victims. Many of whom he allegedly assaulted in campus facilities according to the report in 2002. A graduate assistant. Said he saw -- -- -- having sex with a boy who appear to be as young as ten. In the showers at the team's practice center that assistant went to head coach Joseph Paterno a man who has staked his reputation. On running a program known for ethics and integrity and Paterno in turn notified campus officials. But those officials never reported it to police and meanwhile send -- -- Continue to work -- children. It wasn't until concerned mom stepped forward. That -- desk he was arrested and charged over the weekend with forty counts of sex crimes against eight boys. I'm not from ABC's TJ Winick confront -- and this will be in this ABC news exclusive. Can you tell us if you had any inappropriate relations with young boys certainly didn't US that I said I -- I've been advised by my attorney -- -- following -- And I am. For -- to making any statement. His attorney says send us he has maintained his innocence. It's very distraught about the charges the allegations in. The knowledge that regardless of whether he is eventually proves is guilt or innocence -- people who -- want to think that he he did the stuff. You can tell us right now that these charges are. Unfortunately. Unfortunately. None in a position I -- make any statements. Well no criminal charges have been filed against Joseph Paterno some say this man who just a week ago became the winningest coach in division one history. Should have done more. -- -- -- -- Overnight Joseph Paterno is now 84 years old issued a statement that he did what he was supposed to with the limited information he had. And that he -- for the family and Robin it is entirely possible that this towering figure in sports. Could be called to testify in the trial of a man who was once his top lieutenant. Because the store is far from over her -- campaign.

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{"id":14895490,"title":"Penn State Sex Abuse Scandal: Officials Step Down","duration":"3:28","description":"Dan Harris reports on the scandal surrounding the school's former football coach","url":"/GMA/video/penn-state-football-coavh-sex-abuse-scandal-officials-14895490","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}