Penn State Sexual Abuse: Will Head Coach Resign?

Legendary coach Joe Paterno faces the toughest press conference of his life.
2:42 | 11/08/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Penn State Sexual Abuse: Will Head Coach Resign?
Now -- the sex abuse scandal engulfing football powerhouse Penn State legendary head coach Joseph Paterno. Getting ready for what may be the toughest press conference it was like today to question many asking will he have to step down. ABC stand here assistant state college Pennsylvania with that for us this morning morning Dan. There -- -- good morning a big day here coach Paterno has decided to carry through with his weekly pregame press conference. These will be his first on camera statements since this scandal broke and the stakes. Are incredibly high for him. If you want to get a sense of how respected how. -- years Joseph Paterno is here at Penn State look at this. A monument they built it and calling him a coach and educator and a humanitarian. It. Shouldn't have this man -- knocked from his pedestal straight into a pedophilia cover up controversy. Is a severe shock. We even the grand jury report men part of it wasn't because. Has been the sharp. Under the the punch in the throat. Paterno whose motto is success with honor is dealing with headlines about his former defensive coach Jerry -- -- -- -- now accused of molesting boys as young as ten through a charity he set out for at risk youth. Fortunately not in a position I can make any statements this is a man Paterno once described this way. -- taught to believe how much energy is K imagine how much he has contributed both programming to. -- this program for kids who can who's in the second chance so. Turn -- insisted in a statement that he acted appropriately. When he first learned of the allegations against -- -- 2002. Notifying campus officials. But Paterno never alerted police and some including the state police commissioner say he should have. Whether -- -- football coach or university president. Where the -- sweeping the building I think you have more responsibility to cause if it does come out that these things are accurate his lack of attention. Were ultimately. Happened to his -- the big question now ten Paterno survived. Joseph Paterno will -- -- be linked with this story we -- players are standing by him although the support is not universally wholehearted. You think he did the right thing. -- -- -- -- -- Nomar decision makers clothing and -- Greta -- myself. Meanwhile this morning two of the mothers of -- and -- he's alleged victims are speaking out to a local newspaper. Criticizing the way Penn State and Paterno have handled this crisis. Only adding more pressure on the legendary head coach threatened -- -- he -- certainly does all right -- thank you.

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{"id":14903125,"title":"Penn State Sexual Abuse: Will Head Coach Resign?","duration":"2:42","description":"Legendary coach Joe Paterno faces the toughest press conference of his life.","url":"/GMA/video/penn-state-sexual-abuse-scandal-coach-paterno-resign-14903125","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}