'People's Court' Mystery Takes Another Turn

Police raid the house of Michelle Parker's ex-fiance's father.
2:33 | 11/27/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'People's Court' Mystery Takes Another Turn
-- -- some breaking news in the baffling case of Michelle Parker the mother of three from Florida who vanished the same day she appeared on the People's Court the television show. Feuding with her ex fiance -- overnight police raided the home of her ex fiancee his father. ABC's Matt -- is covering the story from Miami this morning Matt good morning to you. And good morning to you -- that raid included a swat team which surrounded in storm the house of dale Smith senior the father. Of Michelle Parker's ex fiance now they're saying that they brought -- not -- -- -- but this is just one of hundreds of tips that they've been chasing. Still it is the first rate of its kind since she went missing eleven days ago. It happened late Saturday at this Orlando home. Cell phone video captured a swat vehicle when it. Roughly multiple guys piled out pretty quickly. Banged on the door yelled search warrant search warrant and listened to every -- house to hold reported. We belongs to dale Smith senior the father of dale Smith -- Parker's ex fiance and an -- faced off with on this now infamous episode. The People's Court -- -- tell our affiliate WFTV. That Smith senior. The grandfather of the three year old twins the couple shares was brought out of the hole in it comes to -- another man -- some children. -- also taken out of the house. After police left nobody else was talking. Where. -- investors saw him. It's not it's -- Tara Parker has been missing for ten days now she vanished the very same day her episode of the People's Court -- show exposed the often stormy. -- sometimes violent relationship between her and the father of her twins he shouldn't have just. His hands on me -- he shouldn't have left me three -- four times over the past year and a half police in Parker's parents have been saying that dale Smith junior is not a suspect. And it's not clear what sparked these range. But -- parents did ratchet up the intensity of their search this week -- I want her home. Even offering -- 50000. Dollar reward for any information leading to her whereabouts that reward had an expiration date of today. Apparently to motivate Teamsters. -- Actor and I spoke with family members this morning they said that all they know about this rate is that Michelle Parker wasn't found now again dale Smith is not a suspect. But he was the last person to see Michelle Parker -- live just minutes after that episode of People's Court aired in just a couple of hours before she disappeared.

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{"id":15034950,"title":"'People's Court' Mystery Takes Another Turn","duration":"2:33","description":"Police raid the house of Michelle Parker's ex-fiance's father.","url":"/GMA/video/peoples-court-mystery-takes-turn-15034950","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}