The Perfect Creative Solution to Transform That Old Lawn Chair

Lara Spencer reveals an extra "Improve This" tip for our online viewers.
1:39 | 10/16/13

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Transcript for The Perfect Creative Solution to Transform That Old Lawn Chair
All right here is a little improved this -- -- I found a dilapidated pair of 50s60s. Avenues I don't even -- lawn chairs an Ottoman out of the market. They were priced at forty dollars -- the sax I ended up getting them for twenty dollars -- -- institute shares to a lot of it is twenty dollars. Doesn't look like much but also doesn't take a lot to completely out deep these chairs and it's not hard on so the first thing that we get -- -- best you got the flat deck. And full time consuming but literally you unraveling so that you just have the metal frames. Once you've done that he take a little bit -- sandpaper -- really soft steel wool stand this down. Climate and paint it -- using metallic big -- anything you want orange gold. You name it it's available super expensive and I always did you go to do you know lights brake. If you want to get the dress holding at least six inches away so it -- once you paint in the frames. Your silver in my case then. You are ready to I the wouldn't slacks and I went out but -- -- -- used opening. And then we staying down to look like -- but again you can use -- dark stain you can. I guess you -- paint them I recommend for outdoor use using a -- now because obviously just -- -- -- the end result after you. Screw this man is a brand new chairman Gary bring this over with me so that people -- -- -- before -- -- -- twenty dollar pair of chairs. Before. And after every single ingredients to make these chairs available kind of hardware stores -- a little although agrees little creativity. You -- really took him. Proof --

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{"id":20592772,"title":"The Perfect Creative Solution to Transform That Old Lawn Chair","duration":"1:39","description":"Lara Spencer reveals an extra \"Improve This\" tip for our online viewers.","url":"/GMA/video/perfect-creative-solution-transform-lawn-chair-20592772","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}