Get a Personal Stylist Without Breaking the Bank

Online women's clothing boutique, MM Lafleur, assigns you a stylist to hand-pick clothes for you.
2:38 | 03/25/15

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Transcript for Get a Personal Stylist Without Breaking the Bank
You want to look your best at work and we've got a whole lot easier way of doing that. Imagine having a stylist create a wardrobe just for you without braking the bank. That's the caveat. ABC's aditi Roy has the details about the latest online fashion trend. Reporter: In the "Devil wears Prada" it takes dressing the part to succeed. ? Reporter: Now you can get the look you need to get that leg up without paying those high fashion prices. My dream really was to be able to sell clothes that could cost $1500 at a department store at a fraction of the price. Reporter: Emma is an online clothing boutique that sells stylish workwear for $150 to $300 a piece. Fill out a quick survey and they will pick clothes for you. Shipping each way is free. Returns easy and you only pay for the clothes you keep. We call it our bento model. It looks like a Japanese lunch. Reporter: But the delicacies will fill your closet not your stomach. Instead of rice feast your eyes on blouses or separates. Instead of sushi, belts and jewelry. This is machine washable and never wrinkles. Reporter: Part of a new trend of fashion houses going online. Until recently you had to be rich or famous to have your own stylist but we're seeing now that the masses can have their own stylist through these businesses. Reporter: This looks like something you can wear to work and out too. Absolutely and it has a little surprise in the back. Reporter: Then there's LE tote. A subscription service. We found women only use 20% of their closet on a regular basis. We want to be that 80%. We want to give you access to all those items that you're not sure you want to commit to. Reporter: It sends you a tote of clothes you can wear and then send back to replace with a new shipment as often as you want for $50 a month. Do you find yourself saving money because you're not going out and impulse shopping? I do think I'm saving money because I'm actually trying out the clothing. You know, I'm not just like, oh, that's cute. I'll wear it once, maybe -- Reporter: Cure rating your closet without leaving your home. For "Good morning America," aditi Roy, ABC news, San Francisco. So what do you think? Comes in a box. The whole outfit. Essentials and everything. I love the borrowing part of it. I love the leg warmers come in the box too. I don't know if anyone saw this. Starting a new -- Anything under 40 degrees, got to do the leg warmers. And yoga all in one day. Time now for "Gma" to Yahoo!

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{"id":29891538,"title":"Get a Personal Stylist Without Breaking the Bank","duration":"2:38","description":"Online women's clothing boutique, MM Lafleur, assigns you a stylist to hand-pick clothes for you.","url":"/GMA/video/personal-stylist-breaking-bank-29891538","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}