Pet Cloning: Is It the Same Animal?

Danielle Tarantola talks about her newly cloned pet dog, Double Trouble.
2:38 | 01/11/12

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Transcript for Pet Cloning: Is It the Same Animal?
I didn't gentlemen -- double trouble and live here and their minds mommy Danielle honey good morning -- that so you've had double trouble. For about six weeks then yes how to do and how did just think he's done very well he's adjusting -- adjusting pretty -- so what's it like having. Trouble back again. Did your original dog. Yes and me that I do know the original trouble isn't here any -- do know that they cannot get -- diet ever got in on the equipment benefit. Drive but he does you know show me the a lot of the same menos characteristic that's trouble -- does the same -- -- -- you know he did. My focus on some of the similarities. Well when he when I -- with him he bounces around a lot he likes to lay. On the floor and extends his legs out he loves going underneath the bed and then when you wouldn't near the that he tries to get by two feet and that's exactly what -- that. They opened it two I mean I am I'm -- dog lover animal lover I had dogs and cats Mike my Jack Russell as its fourteen I don't even want to think about. What is gonna happen one day. But two to spend that kind of money. Well I wanted to do this back in 2005 when I first heard about it -- trouble was. Very much alive and helping him and I read about it so I -- let me get some DNA from him so when he had to go and force a procedure they had to go for -- -- -- -- -- -- to get some DNA evidence. Seems like short. So this is something I thought of -- before I mean trouble wasn't even he was still around I -- actually calling him while he was still alive was I would have liked to see that they would interact with one another. But it wasn't really perfected and it was just something that which is being spoken about it not really done often and -- -- double trouble different. From. From trouble so far and really don't see any difference. I really don't see much of the difference. Things so well but he -- -- he's a reason to act is -- that the company is very much yet he -- have been much about the -- here to the likes to jump right I think he's just added elements that he's just very like you know when -- -- -- the other some people at home Larry and I going scratching -- -- a little bit right now who say. To those -- What I like I said before this is what I did because this is what I chosen to do and I'm not saying it's for everybody out there to do this was my choice in this what I want to vote and -- happy very extreme and double trouble seems very happy and very chill you happening right -- happy right yeah anomaly in trouble conservatives now like Emma Kate is gonna -- you. -- cheated -- they -- that note thank you very very much in double trouble BT for short. -- -- initials as -- you know why I act to allow but I guess I don't forget I close my pat airs tonight on TLC.

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{"id":15338125,"title":"Pet Cloning: Is It the Same Animal?","duration":"2:38","description":"Danielle Tarantola talks about her newly cloned pet dog, Double Trouble.","url":"/GMA/video/pet-cloning-animal-15338125","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}