Pet Pampering Goes to Extremes

Robin Roberts examines pet-owners who are seemingly obsessed with their pets.
4:06 | 03/09/12

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Transcript for Pet Pampering Goes to Extremes
So many of us crazy about our pets and every year Americans spent enough money on our dogs cats and other animals. To support a small country but there's one woman who made out to all of us -- it's been a little time with her. And he's been included don't make no bones about it our pets are more pampered and obsessed over than ever. Cats and dogs are lapping up a reign of couture clothes. -- million dollar -- Elaborate houses and exercise gyms and gourmet foods and wine. Themed birthday party. And even private. -- It's enough to give you will. It's. Last year the economy conscious Americans gladly spent -- amazing. Billion dollars on the pads. Bringing cash registers from Bangor to Beverly -- That's where there is still good -- dog live without any 325000. Dollar replica cover home. The plea was -- nominee. Air conditioning and a chandelier. And -- is not alone when it comes. I've -- a -- and I think the last of him. Take Lisa Bender mom and her dog GE and he may just -- the -- of Hamburg Bruges. They king of canine couture and -- does so the role -- -- he's a six pound Pomeranian featured on the hit reality show. Real housewives of Beverly Hills and -- has become a star. Ever think about his name. Articulate I think yes -- The commandments page for love and affection -- an -- woman I think that's what the death at age Obama and his son sensitive man in my life. There's a two legged man in her life as well police -- confident nearly thirty years. He's also devoted to keep it in one episode and -- caused us to her online accounts. Then allegedly drinking and crystal champagne glass -- a -- time. Can also help coordinate the start canines outfit. I despise them -- basic pajamas right -- haven't gotten. And then find deeds and brings them. Happens unknowns. -- -- -- I think. And -- diet also but that that is very special taunts Lyons the silver tray brought out just specialist solutions. So what's for lunch. His -- chicken -- time. Doesn't always lol he was behind it would have enjoyed it -- caperton -- thing can you look at that face. Hand back bays has attracted -- -- down the adoring fans on Twitter and he's not alone -- the the social networks are littered with people's -- including -- -- Chinese -- has over three million. -- people who would -- enthralled as we may be with our pets -- can't lead somewhere over the edge. How upset semi honest -- wants a -- with -- -- -- twelfth. And lawyer Joseph Levy is inseparable from her -- Moses a Giant Schnauzer standard Poodle mix and -- a -- She's been done so much that sometimes called me and my brother their -- by accident and she just like squeezes -- has. It all begs the question. Dogs -- human. Family members -- where's the priority. Have I can answer that question. I'll. And I think my kids have to before anyone. Is seen as a -- -- Really show -- Thought our family looks that are -- -- spending time -- -- and -- seeking. Wonderful -- -- really really -- it's because you have something in common look I have -- and sandy eleven -- but I don't compare at all. Do you trying to jam -- -- -- saying my general Russell there's pampering and then there's. Tampering. And I'll call it a little Dancing With The Stars -- KJ and to detain -- -- -- This is actually Robin Layton who was a terrific. Photographer was going around the country talking with different people that she is right there. And we that's Kristin Chenoweth actually. And so. The with a well OK and capping the Jimmy -- and it's just a wonderful way of how people spend time with -- pets and you're part of the special tonight to John Berman yeah. Special I have people it was strange pets like lizards it is -- and -- I -- all over the country visiting people and really extreme extraordinary picked -- there's little lizard. There again as the -- say that I'm about to kiss the lizard anyway yeah. It is in more on the special place when he -- crazy tonight 10:9 central on ABC and part of the show tonight we'll take a look -- dog people vs -- people. We want to know which one you are so tweet hash tag -- personal or dark person are friends of topsy labs are collecting the data and we'll tell us who the winner is.

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{"id":15884753,"title":"Pet Pampering Goes to Extremes","duration":"4:06","description":"Robin Roberts examines pet-owners who are seemingly obsessed with their pets.","url":"/GMA/video/pet-pampering-extremes-15884753","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}