Keep Your Pet Stress Free

Veterinarian Dr. Marty Becker shows you the latest pet stress-relief products.
0:56 | 01/25/12

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Transcript for Keep Your Pet Stress Free
Thunder fireworks tonight as I discovered loud music you know can stress your dog out to the point where. Where they can get very very edgy so we have asked America's favorite veterinarian doctor Marty -- To help us out to get our dogs of the rescue here we're looking for the latest stress busting techniques and tricks out there to help these little guys so you know that things don't. What happened what we know loud music isn't quite loud -- fourth -- July thunderstorms hunting season certain areas -- -- the event getting the maelstrom stress about we have some great solutions to -- these Security Council these anxious stock how the let's let's let's start the first two products we're gonna talk about a pheromones -- synthetic versions of natural -- -- first of all the -- away mimics the feeling facial Fairmont. In -- really reduces -- and outside eliminates outside the litter box which is a big problem. Then we have the dog Fairmont adapt on that mimics -- a mother secrets or nipple the calmer puppies. It's available -- color form you can uses only -- if users a plug in like a glade accuser. It becomes -- -- spray -- disparate security and how would you use it in a stressful situation like like ten minutes for a got a stressful situation districts the cage of the area. Al-Qaeda missiles little Sebastien by the way from the humane society -- New York all of our dogs are adopt a -- -- just incredible creatures. This next item I think it's fascinating. Music scene is that the best savage beast and we -- that's true you don't. For four humans it works and also works for pencil veterinary neurologists Psycho acoustic experts have also -- -- parts of it's clinically proven to reduce these things -- to be here is that -- -- percent at home 75%. Stressful situations like shelters and veterinary clinics. In fact we tried this that the humane society New York. -- -- how to cover up his daddy Al. Now they're listening to classical music and they are common. And chilling sound and was you're an adult and Stevenson gets sued this savage beast on my going to didn't get a -- All I love it that's fantastic. Next product the -- -- and I noticed this looks on. This looks like it you know it's done. Word we're doing -- here's -- girl normality here this actually works like you see blinders on horses or get my math. This is like it -- human going to be an outside -- times -- -- in a dark room yeah vacancy out of this mess right here so it's actually like looking out of a screen door at dusk. But this really works to really columnist -- can see I'll call little. Nobody is realistic announces that -- -- Saying -- this comes in four different sizes so you can have a site. Companies outside jobs -- could mix it up. I think they. Coming cap is not -- -- being concerned about you see it. It doesn't look terrific it really does work that's not -- -- these guys clearly need to build -- so they're so happy they're. -- months -- their play an earlier. Now this is called the thunder shirt ended it would just watch in the movie this -- -- like an anxiety -- for autistic people have -- machines. It's a pressure rapid -- squeezes and all the right places some of the people told me off here that -- use that it works very well for them. Works for thunderstorms were some fireworks -- sort of like slaughtering a baby -- -- when he -- wrap them up and some feel secure instead we got here we talked about smell we talked about salad we talked about reducing side here now our going to physical touch was was perhaps the most important of all the senses. Well these are all really inexpensive ways that that you -- work. They've been proven we saw the video market we can't thank you enough has always what if they don't work like some of these -- -- -- talked a -- and for a referral to a veterinary behaviorist and also this a very powerful drugs that they -- yeah but I think first -- varieties of course all right Marty we thank you -- -- these beautiful pat. Our adopt a ball from the humane society of new Yorker really don't want you adopt can now because I want him how do you more product information on our website Good Morning America dot com going -- --

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{"id":15438239,"title":"Keep Your Pet Stress Free","duration":"0:56","description":"Veterinarian Dr. Marty Becker shows you the latest pet stress-relief products.","url":"/GMA/video/pet-stress-free-vetinary-products-animal-relieve-stress-15438239","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}