Peter Travers Predicts Oscar Winners

If all goes as Peter predicts, "Gravity" will have a big night.
3:00 | 02/27/14

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Transcript for Peter Travers Predicts Oscar Winners
Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn we we tell you what's going on at the movies and there's nothing going on this week except one thing Oscar Oscar Oscar Oscar Oscar. All those months of us watching movies arguing about that. A great year for movies. And a great year for the Oscars I think too because we're not sure. We might think we know that top one or two or three in every category but we don't know I'm here to -- -- I'm gonna tell you what I think will win which he should pay no attention to if you're doing office pool because this is just me in my own twisted head. And then I'm gonna tell you what will -- what I think the academy will vote for which will help you when life. And probably. Through the years when you're thinking of movies in your life so let's get to it. Let's get to the nominees are the best pictures and performances. Of last year. So nominees for best supporting actress Sally Hawkins. Believed jasmine Jennifer Lawrence American -- Competes in the young -- twelve years as slave. Julia Roberts August Osage county. June -- Nebraska. She either one of these could win. The first when I'm gonna mention is Jennifer Lawrence in American -- this is Hollywood's new princess. I mean she's one G-20 three years old now to be nominated three times. She's already won for silk linings playbook now she's nominated again. For American household where in the few scenes she has she walks away with the movies it's that kind of performance but and is a big spot. Her main competition here is -- -- in the young oh in twelve years this way. And the Peta does something in that movie that I think it's extraordinary she just -- habits this character. Since it's really her first film we don't know anything about her so we see -- -- we see her as. This slave woman who has known nothing in her life but have servants and she has -- -- and that -- -- Where she as a state for a few minutes to get a -- so. And if there's a scene that more wrenching in any movie this year -- -- young doing that scene I don't know what it is so I say. The academy may want to just keep anointing Jennifer Lawrence for every movie she does maybe she'll win and another best actress Oscar 400 games -- -- But. Mean Peter Travers sitting here say best supporting actress this year should be -- -- -- -- in twelve years. The nominees for best supporting actor. -- -- -- Jonah Hill the wolf of Wall Street Jared let -- Dallas -- -- This is supposed to be the category that's the lock and Jared let out in Dallas buyers club. Is being predicted to win this award since that movie was first released -- back and 2013. And it is a great performance like his costar Matthew McConaughey Jared. Lost a great deal wait I think he lost thirty pounds -- economies forties so if you're counting. But in his role as a transgender person. He not only did what McConaughey -- in terms of the weight loss. He did he -- he wore a week. He was an attractive woman. The sad thing about the academy is that they looked at anything you do losing weight changing your boys doing it as acting. It's not the great thing about Jared -- performance in this community is that he does more than he needs to -- yes he's lost the weight yes he's done all that but he. Is feeling the heart of his character ran he feels it. And I really think this is as close to a -- as you can have and yet I say yet. In the Oscars there's always one acting category we're it seems to come out of nowhere. Where everybody that you think is going to -- and you're going along and they do it comes true that way. If there's a surprise. This year I say it will be in this category and I say the surprise could be. -- -- -- -- trying to live up and he gets into a movie with Tom Hanks any scares -- the death. And then he shows us the heart of the character and I think. Hollywood in the academy sometimes like to find somebody like that and say look this is extraordinary even though you can't imagine what he's gonna do next. They might say -- heard if you for. Should nominees for best actress are Amy Adams American -- Cate Blanchett who who jasmine Sandra Bullock gravity. Judi Dench -- -- Merrill street August Osage county. Again people have been saying for months. The only one who could win this award is Cate Blanchett for blue jasmine. Why are they saying that maybe because it's the best performance by -- -- -- this year it's an extraordinary piece of work but what happened. The Woody -- scandal of twenty years a -- popped up again. And here it is we keep reading in the papers that Woody Allen had molested his daughter when she was seven years old. Scandal is dragged through this the daughter has given statements saying how could Cate Blanchett -- Diane Keaton even bear to work for this terrible man. This is awful and that's supposed to hurt Cate Blanchett chances look people. How and why should it. I mean to -- anything to do with this do we even know who's right in the Mia Farrow Woody Allen scandalous arguments courts we now we have no idea. All we need to do is look at the performance on the screen and say what's best and me I'm sitting here saying Cate Blanchett in blue jasmine is the -- should nominees for best actor. Christian Bale American -- -- stern Nebraska Leonardo DiCaprio the wolf of Wall Street she would -- ratio for twelve years slave. Matthew McConaughey hang Dallas buyers. I'm saying that the favorite to win this is Matthew McConaughey in Dallas buyers -- again it's a transformation. Of him. Losing forty pounds playing a home of folk who in his battle against dying of aids that he got through a drug use. He. He's going to fight and actually help people do this true story academy loves -- two story transformation of the body they love that. And the fact is that McConaughey -- is on a career role. That's almost unprecedented in Hollywood everybody had left him off. As kind of Kate Hudson's rom com stooge. And suddenly in the last two or three years since the Lincoln -- he's been giving one great performance after another. I think the times com I think this is the appropriate one the role to get this should nominees for best picture. Our American hustle captain phillips' Dallas buyers club gravity. Her. Nebraska. -- the -- twelve years -- slaying and the wolf of Wall Street. What's gonna happen it's kind of great this year that we don't know nobody knows we all know that because of the director Alfonso -- on. Winning so many awards for best director that he has that in the back so I say to you. If Alfonso Kwan has that in the bad why doesn't have best picture and the bad. Nobody quite understands why that isn't going to happen the expectations are that it will be a split. That Alfonso -- our own will win best director but the best picture will be twelve years to -- Which would be the first movie about. The African experience in the 86 years of the academy to win an award. I think this is such a wonderful stupid ironing because Steve McQueen the black director of twelve Beers a -- will be the guy who -- script. The guy -- did. The black filmmaker that did it SA announced yet but you can't but we like the movie sort. But gravity we're gonna give every technical award in the book to and it deserves all -- technical awards so what -- I say. Here comes my prediction. Who should win best director. Steve McQueen for twelve years -- Who will win it Alfonso -- -- for the technical achievement of gravity. Even though I always go put the heart achievement which I founded twelve -- a split. Best picture. Who will win this move this award who's going to win the Oscar for best picture I think. That will be twelve years this way I hope it -- I'm rooting for it to be twelve -- -- -- what do I think will win. I think gravity I think in the end they're going to say we don't want be splits anymore we were embarrassed last year by Argo. Why isn't the best picture also the best director and I think that gravity is going to be the movie that sweeps the Academy Awards. Please don't come after me and hurt me if I'm wrong. I'm just sitting here like you are. Hoping that it will be exciting between the awful awards that we have to watch when we watch it and terrible speeches and everybody thanking their baby -- That will see some quality rewarded. And I'm suspecting that since this was the best year for movies in quite some time that we -- And I'm Peter traps.

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