Pharmacy Robber Caught by Determined Manager

The manager sprayed pepper spray that's designed to stop a 500-pound bear.
1:55 | 02/26/12

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Transcript for Pharmacy Robber Caught by Determined Manager
What may be our favorite story of the morning this is a pharmacist. Was about to be robbed and she took the stand unleashing a highly unusual and apparently highly effective weapon and -- all caught on tape and Ron Claiborne is back but that's very. So picture list -- man walks into a drugstore in Washington State. Anti cancer farm system -- that reads god not all oxy code of methadone. A pharmacist knows this drill all too well she's been held up twice before. Apparently by the same guy -- she goes back to the area. With a prescription drugs are kept -- grabs a little special something as she prepared just in case has happened again. When the -- you see here walked into the Spokane Washington pharmacy dressed all in black and wearing gloves. Pharmacist Susan Ballard knew exactly what to expect. One of my technicians. Can I can't resist them past me and said it's him -- being -- again. It was -- Miller's third alleged attempt to robbing the same drug store for painkillers he hadn't known the note said gun. Give me collier OxyContin. Oxy code -- And methadone what Miller wasn't expecting was this a blast of grizzly bear -- mace right in the face. Baylor had had enough and she unleashed a torrent of the burning chemical grabbed the pot -- spray and -- and sprayed him. When he. Put his arm -- and then ran out the door and she and a coworker wielding a baseball -- chased him out of the pharmacy. Police -- the would be crook right away and they say he confessed to the deed along with the other two successful robberies. As for -- her coworkers say they're just glad she was ready to give Miller a blast of his own medicine. These are all along there you know she she likes to cover -- close to. Probably are all right -- -- says that she felt she needed to do something because her drug store so far the nearest police station. I made the choice I needed to make you said later everyone else has to make their own choice. Not a good choice that's ever coming -- Rick good stuff chasing after that after. Thanks threat.

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{"id":15793698,"title":"Pharmacy Robber Caught by Determined Manager","duration":"1:55","description":"The manager sprayed pepper spray that's designed to stop a 500-pound bear. ","url":"/GMA/video/pharmacy-robber-caught-determined-manager-15793698","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}