Picabo Street on 2014 Winter Olympics, Being a Mom

Sam Josh and Lara talk to the gold medal winning skier about the Sochi games and her family.
6:12 | 09/18/13

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Transcript for Picabo Street on 2014 Winter Olympics, Being a Mom
That's another big isn't that big morning for you now it's a good morning and -- they were eating I don't -- -- because we have burgers on the way. -- happens -- ever it would -- like what can we can't left. I don't I've done -- -- how does it not been touched I had. Haven't -- any. You're gonna be congregating at peninsula AM yes -- yeah that's an associate. Com now this. Interestingly about -- she -- have looked at in the last few years. Average temperature didn't -- she didn't win the Winter Olympics had -- that year right. What it was like no this is -- resort on the Black Sea yet but it's mostly. A summer. Resort. It does not having -- what it's gets -- -- collects -- in the winter do what they want concerned what level of concern that suggests it ended in the let's say -- what I want to last year the average temperature during the two week period in the Olympics would have -- -- OJ thing any mistakes and I'm just saying -- -- sixty degrees -- a little like -- it's like having the Winter Olympics in Palm Beach yes I honestly it's -- everything like everything. Thinking that being. Committee that mean you wanna go to places like Canada Russia emerging night -- there are a lot of places and trying to figure out the IOC is. Couple hours away from the coastal flood that so what are they -- Whitney let's say an -- I don't now. They are they're making it -- and you know places like a skating rink and environmental money on that they'll trucking and they've already got. Contracts and relationships with other resorts in the area to be able to bring -- in that they need to track it -- premier remarkable self. They're gonna try do what they -- the hard part is snowmaking requires a certain. You know economic act a certain environment you have to make -- -- out it's gotta be called -- -- he's got to be up enough it's -- -- district even. It's not only that let you know the difference between the quality snow -- snow now and just that crap. -- I think your -- and throw out. -- there's a phenomenal difference in your performance aren't really beautiful qualities on how and you are performing well actually I don't go anywhere near -- but she does. -- an angelic -- and there's a big difference. And yet there is a big difference it it will make a big difference I think that you'll see the athletes they can really adjust to those circumstances suggested a different conditions. And they've got to give the athletes a lot of chances to get up on the snow to feel it under their feet feel what it's gonna give them back under their skin is in danger and it can be dangerous yet that and that that needs to obviously be the first. -- -- -- Rule of engagement in my opinion is staying safe I -- the let's assume up. People who mistreat you for young athletes that call you mom yes click -- how aware are -- that you are. He -- kind of starting to get an idea the emirates airline I don't really know that their followers to you have that you can't just -- -- about that I antennae out they definitely have a -- -- especially at ten counties like ten -- groundbreaking you -- you thank you brought so many people back to the whole idea -- when -- -- have you. You know you being there and I tell you -- -- I know it's totally true. And -- you know that you made an exciting and so I hope I hope people remember and understand. That's what your connection -- Liberty Mutual absolutely for sure that's one of the reasons why I'm I'm here I'm so excited because. You'd think I'd be super competent as -- an Olympian felony kidnapping apparently they don't comment and instruction and and I get medals every day and now not an average and in fact -- So basically it for me I -- I need help with managing my kids and expects programs tonight I need help figuring out what to do with -- what the rules of engagement are -- so much inappropriate irresponsible behavior out there on the sidelines. I'm with the coaches with with the affix themselves even with the officials. Turns out for me I'm I'm super involved and I'm really excited to be teamed up Liberty -- they have a program responsible sports responsible sports dot com is where it's pointed out on the Internet. And you can get all kinds of information on how you can act qualify your organization or your school for community grant. I -- get all kinds of information on how to be more responsible as a coach as a parent. And you know there's the survey that they've done that has some phenomenal statistics and shockingly for me a lot of coaches and parents are not on the same page when it comes to these sports experience so you know a lot of coaches will say that. That you know that the parents just let their kids in sports had a good time and they want their -- be more caring and skilled yet. When he gets out of talking -- the parents they have an unrealistic expectation of success in winning richer so it's a little out of whack and so Liberty Mutual responsible sports -- as a way to China line that. And -- it more in sync with one another so that the kids can have a better experience of the parents. It's really and it's about the -- it's because you hear so many kids now. Who me but who -- away from sports simply because. Of that very complicated dynamic between a bunch of adults. We're getting in the way you know -- really getting out exactly kids. Are talking more to their coaches about serious controversial issues about their sports and they are -- -- on -- -- they know they're gonna get the real deal from the coach about him you know you how to -- play has not happened yet which I think is wrong. I think I think that it should be all. In -- -- -- now so I'm up in the coach's face like hey check it out what it you know what is your attention to provide for much else in this program and is it. Is it of the right thing and if so I'm parties don't have a nice weather and such a good thing for our effort for you to say out loud and their parents to hear they have you get up and the coaches face and say what's your expectation for my kids that's how are you planning to teach this group of kids. Yeah I love that because I don't know that many. Many people do that. I think a lot of people with me being an athlete they're nervous to tell me the truth about. The reality of it and I'm like what that selling it for -- -- the trip because without my child. -- -- -- anyway yeah right so this is about my child and and I'm not rude about it but I'm I'm. I'm involved. I just want to what's the message that -- we -- right now. I carry me I really really it was -- -- every kind of run your clothes as you are very happy endings that are animals yeah I don't know what it is --

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{"id":20291360,"title":"Picabo Street on 2014 Winter Olympics, Being a Mom","duration":"6:12","description":"Sam Josh and Lara talk to the gold medal winning skier about the Sochi games and her family.","url":"/GMA/video/picabo-street-2014-winter-olympics-mom-20291360","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}