Pirate Joe's Resells Trader Joe's Popular Products

Canadian man sells some of the grocery store's popular items across the border.
2:59 | 08/18/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Pirate Joe's Resells Trader Joe's Popular Products
Lots of people swear by the products at trader joes. But they say one guy is going too far by selling the products. He's a self-proclaimed pirate joe, and they are trying to get him to walk the plank. Good morning. Good morning, mates. There you go, good morning. This pirate says he opened up the company in response to market conditions, filling the void for his fellow canadians. You can't get these in canada. He's a self-described pirate, but not in jewels or buried treasure, he's venturing across international borders to plunder cookie butter. We haven't got a straight answer what they do with it, maybe just a spoon in the jar. He owns pirate joes in vancouver, british columbia dedicated to offering unauthorized artisan groceries from the popular chain, trader joes. We think we're entitled to the same access that you are. So we're providing it. No trader joes stores in canada, so he and his team drive nearly 80 miles across the canadian border to washington state so he can offer the treasures to deprived canadians. He insists he's obeying laws. We import legally. But when he sells the goods, they say he's in the wrong. They're suing to stop his operation is a result of trademark infringement, false endorsement and false advertising. I took down the p, it's irate joes now, that's how ridiculous the lawsuit is. They're trying not sell to him. I have people shopping for me, my photo is at the manager's desk. Trader joe's is not commenting. As for the swash buckling be entrepreneur, he'd leave it behind if they'd open up a shop on his side of the border. They should open in vancouver, I have a great location. He has his eyes set on another business endeavor, a knockoff McDonalds that serves grass-fed beef. Rip donalds for canadians. I bought the cookie butter. Who ate half the jar? Dan, defend yourself. This guy's got to be one of the best customers. He's buying tons of stuff and bringing it over the border. Doing the stuff nobody else wants to do. The and the canadians were upset. It's a coming to america MOMENT, McDOWELLS and McDonalds. That's what I'm thinking of. In the end just claim canada. It's conditioned's fault. Irate joe's. Now for the other headlines, back over to rob powers. We start again unfortunately

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{"id":19993352,"title":"Pirate Joe's Resells Trader Joe's Popular Products","duration":"2:59","description":"Canadian man sells some of the grocery store's popular items across the border.","url":"/GMA/video/pirate-joes-resells-trader-joes-popular-products-19993352","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}