Mom's Annual Back-to-School Dance a Viral Hit

Every year Tracy Moutafis dances to Cool and the Gang's "Celebration" on the first day of school.
3:00 | 09/10/12

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Transcript for Mom's Annual Back-to-School Dance a Viral Hit
Others in the US open swim upstream of the this is the -- may well there's one every parent I'm artist can relate to this time -- year the kids go back to school but this is -- -- -- Framingham mass. Who actually does this will be kids to go to school I have to play is well I think this -- was celebration -- -- the decades. And -- under the bus. It is gone viral. I can't imagine why. About the -- at this morning via Skype. And that boy chasing the kids are back the first week of freedom obviously important -- you -- -- -- bed. Let's spend yeah -- -- a lot of money times. In the coming tradition to do this every year. I'm not I. They just days -- school time to Saddam isn't something I'm. So yeah. Not just -- to limit the Planned -- and I have no idea that just has that happened. -- quickly -- eleven Angeles now and -- they embarrassed yet. Not -- bottled Johnson picking -- a couple -- is -- -- yeah. Five either. All -- all right -- we'll check back with you next -- then chasing the -- again. You you've got about nine more months did dance before the -- -- as summer approaches that. Follows great.

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{"id":17200143,"title":"Mom's Annual Back-to-School Dance a Viral Hit","duration":"3:00","description":"Every year Tracy Moutafis dances to Cool and the Gang's \"Celebration\" on the first day of school.","url":"/GMA/video/play-day-moms-annual-back-school-dance-viral-17200143","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}