Vatican Senior Media Advisor on Significance of Pope Francis' Selection

Greg Burke discusses the selection of the first Jesuit pontiff for the Catholic Church.
2:09 | 03/14/13

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Transcript for Vatican Senior Media Advisor on Significance of Pope Francis' Selection
We'll get to that but right now to vatican city for the latest on pope francis and the vatican senior media adviser greg burke is joining us live from st. Peter's square. Good morning, greg. So great to see you this morning. We've seen so many interesting touches from pope francis in his first day now asking the crowd to bless him before he blessed them. Clearly signaling simplicity and humility. What more do we expect in the days ahead? Well, I think we'll see more signs like that, george, some interesting things, the fact that last night he took the van down with the other cardinals rather than getting into the papal car. This morning he went back to the place he had stayed before they moved on to the vatican proper for the conclave to get his things. It's one of these priest residences around here. Told me on his way out he tried to pay his bill which I found was funny. The pope practically owns the building and tried to pay his bill. A lot of signs of simplicity and went to st. Mary majors this morning. Very much a sign there's a statue of our lady there, the safety of the roman people, he feels very much that he is the bishop of rome, george. And, greg, we're all going to be watching that first meeting between pope francis and the po pope emeritus, something that hasn't been seen in hundreds and hundreds of years, if ever. Yeah, no, well, you may be watching it or you may not be, george. It's going to be an interesting thing because right now we know they've only have had a private phone conversation. Another interesting touch last night, one of the first things pope francis did was asking for prayers for pope benedict and a huge cheer from the people there and basic prayer, our father, hail mary, glory be and it is expected pope francis will go out to the summer residence, castel gandolfo 20 miles outside rome in order to meet there shortly sometime before tuesday. They did speak on the phone. What more do we know about what they said? Well, I can't tell you exactly what they said, george, because I'm not privy to that because I'm sure it was one promising prayers for the other and the other right back at him. Greg, thanks for your insight this morning.

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{"id":18727724,"title":"Vatican Senior Media Advisor on Significance of Pope Francis' Selection","duration":"2:09","description":"Greg Burke discusses the selection of the first Jesuit pontiff for the Catholic Church.","url":"/GMA/video/pope-francis-vatican-media-advisor-greg-burke-discusses-historic-18727724","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}