New Face Cleaner Makes Waves

Becky Worley tries out a popular new beauty device making big claims.
3:41 | 01/10/12

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Transcript for New Face Cleaner Makes Waves
But now one of this year's top holiday -- with a new phase cleaning brush it says it -- some ways. The clean six times better than traditional methods who loves a big product claimed she can try out. Our Becky Worley of course and she joins us from. The tried out -- the Consumer Electronics Show right now -- -- good morning -- Good morning everyone -- -- the promise of a brush that cost just over a hundred dollars and could make me look younger this I had to -- Dirty and oil have nowhere to hide mr. -- -- Clinton brushed him. -- sonic facial brush promises deep cleansing -- reduce the appearance of -- and fine line. AKA -- the idea is that it vibrates the boiling dirt out of your -- helping it to look younger. Yeah flight only -- sonic toothbrush is that for your face but is it that much better than cleaning your face with just soap and water. First experiment how does it remove makeup. Okay foundation. Sufficiently well -- now this side cleaned up but there sonic. And this side with soap and water this -- -- -- -- -- -- sonic was feels invigorated but. Clean better experiment fluorescent -- that really shows up under a black -- Also in case -- -- -- -- supermarket at this -- cleaned with soap and water. This. Clean and -- sonic rush. Difference what the promise of reducing the appearance of -- and fine line. For five days this side of my -- gets the soap and water treatment this -- son Miller. Yeah CNN. The same. -- -- line. Maybe it is -- declare sonic was a little bit less Brinkley. But the makers of the their sonic rush say -- -- clinical studies showing that -- dirt is removed -- not only looks smaller but absorb moisturizer and skin products better. When his -- is properly cleansed and not -- respect. It's then perfectly primed for what ever you apply afterwards. Sonic rush is not cheap. Starts about a 119 bus in -- all the way up. 200 there are less expensive -- his distance from Salt Lake costs -- just 29 dollars at a drugstore. I wish I like it's probably crash more than -- class but I don't it's just not is invigorating. But in the end. I'll probably keep using the clear sonic rush if for no other reason that it -- taking make up -- that much easier. Now it's interesting about this is it -- -- timer on and it keeps every fifteen seconds. Reminding you to -- cleaning your face for a full minute for that reason alone it's a little bit like -- it's nagging me to do a better job cleaning my face and Robin the other thank you just kind of feels like a -- besides I'm gonna -- he is now about the plus side but hey -- do you have to use -- Mike expensive special -- of what it. Or any so. Not. Not I TV news any soaking alike and they did it study declare sonic folks that said that no matter what so few years. It takes the dirt out of the air force and then when you put moisturizer honoring those fancy you know anti aging products that it actually absorbs like 61%. Better that's there's study but I do feel like my skin is a little bit better moisturize -- an amusement right to be so bullish but -- that that -- that -- -- right. -- that -- via video a fantastic game Beckett has always thank you thanks so much.

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{"id":15328848,"title":"New Face Cleaner Makes Waves","duration":"3:41","description":"Becky Worley tries out a popular new beauty device making big claims.","url":"/GMA/video/popular-face-cleanser-work-15328848","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}