'Arrested Development' Star on Show's Return, Life With Ellen

Portia de Rossi discusses the highly anticipated return of the comedy to be released on Netflix.
3:00 | 05/13/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Arrested Development' Star on Show's Return, Life With Ellen
"Arrested development" the fan favorite tv show that ended in 2006 is back with a whole new season. The story of a wealthy family, you know, the bluth family, who lost everything. And the one son who had no choice but to keep them all together. portia de Rossi plays lindsay. PLEASE WELCOME portia de Rossi. We got the memo about the red color. It's the them with the orange and the black. It all comes together. This is so much fun. It mousse have been wonderful to be reunited with the great cast. It was surreal almost to be back on that set, in lucille's penthouse. A master scene. Time had collapsed in on itself. Like maybe a month had passed. Not seven years. It's a cliompliment to all of you. Great surgery. It's a bit different this trim in that each episode will involve or surround one particular character. Right. You have two episodes like that. I do. Lindsay is trying to, I want to play a clip here. Find herself? Asking big, big, big questions. Big questions. For lindsay. Is any of this real? How do I know what is real? You see me before you, yes? I am real to you. And this bag next to me, it is as real as you or me. I know that one's real. I meant the other one, the louis vuitton. I don't remember that having two "Es." That's how they do it here. Best bag on the market. She's so deep. So deep. I know. I believe she read "eat, pray, love" and decided to go to india. Also different. It's all on netflix. You can sit on a weekend and watch all of the episodes. You have done that yourself with other episodes, right? I have. I watched "house of cards" in that way. Skt scandal." I went through entire first season in a day and a half. Oh, that's ellen and I on the plane to australia, bing-watching "scandal." I think it's a great way to watch tv. It's like the way of the future, I think. But, especially with "arrested development." To use this format in the best possible way. Each episode is a stand-alone episode. Depending on the order you watch it in, it signed of gives you, i don't want to say, it tells a different story. It gives you more insight and perspective depending on the order you watch it in. Y we did see the shot of you and your wife, el lep, heading to your homeland, australia. That was her first time? That was the first time she had been. How was it? It was fantastic. I wanted her to go there since we have been together, going on nine years now. Congrats. She's always wanted to go. It was five days. A whirlwind. I don't recommend traveling all that way for five days. It was amazing. The people loved her there. It was nice to go home. Speaking of home, your home is spectacular. We have seen it again and again in the great magazines like "elle decor." You and ellen work together. She wanted to put furniture in the ba yes, she did. Actually, I can't say we work together. Ellen's passion is design. It really is. Houses, mine is horses. That's my horse, may. So we kind of, you know, at the farm, I have my horses. She has her design and furniture. Occasionally, I'll find a piece of swedish furniture, early american something in the cross tides, a working barn. What's it doing in there? That farm was close to the fire. The springs fire. Came very close. That's from a shot from our place. It was literally right next door across the street. It was terrifying. Thanks to the firefighters we were able to get out unscathed. But boy, it was scary. I'm glad it all worked out. Wonderful to have you here. Great to have the show back. And welcome back. Give ellen our very, very best. This show is so great. Going great guns still. Thank you. Coming up, stick around for this. Huey lewis and the news, live,

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{"id":19167486,"title":"'Arrested Development' Star on Show's Return, Life With Ellen","duration":"3:00","description":"Portia de Rossi discusses the highly anticipated return of the comedy to be released on Netflix.","url":"/GMA/video/porta-de-rossi-interview-2013-actress-arrested-development-19167486","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}