Portugal's Injuries Put US in Position to Advance

If the US beats Portugal they will automatically advance out of the group stage and into the knockout round.
4:52 | 06/22/14

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Transcript for Portugal's Injuries Put US in Position to Advance
Now it's to "Gma's" excitement. The excitement building across America as team usa -- At least in the audio booth. Team U.S. Gets set to play Portugal after a big win in game one. Paula Faris is in Rio with a preview of the game. It will be played in sauna-like conditions. It will be hot there. Millions of people rooting for team usa. Reporter: Millions myself included. I believe we'll win. It is game day. How good does that sound? It's finally arrived. You mentioned the sauna-like conditions. Not favorable for either team. Because the Americans are more suited to the extremes, I say give them a slight edge. They have had six days off. They're well-rested. They're ready to rumble in the jungle. The header. Reporter: Team usa got a boost on Saturday without even playing a game. That's because Germany and Ghana tied. Tucked in. Reporter: The Americans so interested, we caught them watching the game. What does it mean? Simply this. Team usa will automatically advance out of the group stage if they beat Portugal tonight. And their star, Cristiano Ronaldo was active at practice. Likely turning to the group of death is something the math gods like Nate silver didn't anticipate. You said the U.S. Men's team had about a third of a chance to get out of the group. Dhanging your tune? Yes, it's up to about two-thirds. Reporter: Winning it all? Not so much for team usa. No, but it went up. Reporter: It will be hot and humid. It could play into team usa's hands. We have not done anything different to prepare for the heat. I think we're fit and conditioned. Reporter: American fans we met in Brazil don't plan on going home anytime soon. How deep do you think team usa goes? Quarter finals. Quarters. Reporter: What about you? I'll go semis. I'll come to watch them lose. Reporter: There is a chance it will rain tonight turning the surface into something like quick sand. The weather will slow the game down a bit. Can I do this together. I believe we can win. We can win. Reporter: Dan? A quick question. Is that an actual flag draped around you or a blouse? Reporter: It's a flag. Yes, I'm wearing something underneath it. Okay, there we go. I love it. Reporter: I can bring one back for you, Dan. Please, do. There are not a lot of times I want to bet against Nate silver. 0.6%? He's wrong. What does team usa need to do to win here. Let's bring in alex lalas. He joins us from Rio with the star striker for the usa, joy altidore out, how do the tactics need to change? There are a couple of things that coach Jurgen klinsmann can do. He can put Dempsey in there. One man's loss is another man's opportunity. You can get a guy from the bench. You have a guy like Chris wondolowski. You have Ariel. Great day to be a U.S. Soccer fan. Portugal has plenty of injuries for themselves. They're a wounded animal. The U.S. Has to put them out of their misery today. And they can. Who would have thought this group of death, after two games, the possibility exists that the U.S. Could be out of this group, sitting pretty for the third game? It's an amazing tournament so far. For the U.S., this is a huge, huge game. It will be a wonderful game to see. Interesting in terms of tactics. And all the support across the U.S. They've won us over. Portugal has injuries. Their star, Ronaldo, is not 100%. This should be an interesting game. Thank you so much. You can catch all of the action and the big usa-portugal match at 5:30 on ESPN. Before that, a world cup double herd. Meantime, time for a check of the weather, back over to

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{"id":24251459,"title":"Portugal's Injuries Put US in Position to Advance","duration":"4:52","description":"If the US beats Portugal they will automatically advance out of the group stage and into the knockout round.","section":"GMA","mediaType":"US ONLY 08"}