Obama Says Sasha, Malia 'Having a Great Time'

The president talked about family and the difficulties of scheduling meetings around the World Cup games.
3:12 | 06/27/14

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Transcript for Obama Says Sasha, Malia 'Having a Great Time'
Do it. Got some rare behind-the-scenes time on that plane, which is really a white house in the sky. And like so much of the country, the president did not want to miss the world cup on air force one. That's not a problem. Our trip began just as team usa was taking the field against Germany. As we boarded air force one, everybody was ready to watch. The president invited us up to his conference room to watch with his team onboard. We really only had a couple of shots at the goal. Reporter: This has been a tough game. Everyone knows not to bite. We have advanced from a nonfactor, to being a solid -- Reporter: A real team. We're a middle of the pack team. We're not Germany yet. Or Italy or France. But -- or Argentina or Brazil. But we're now in the mix. You get a sense that it's catching the popular imagination. Reporter: I was surprised how much this has broken through. My 9-year-old came up and asked to watch the game Sunday. She doesn't see much of TV. But everybody's talking about it. Yeah. If you think about it, part of it is what's happening with us as parents. Right? Reporter: Yeah. You know, even kids who end up being basketball players or whatever, a lot of times -- Reporter: They start with soccer. They start with soccer. We have to -- there had been elements which I won't detail, of our foreign policy that have had to be shaped around the world cup. Reporter: Get out of here. Phone calls? Certain phone calls. Certain meetings. Initiates that we might roll out but we had to think about. Reporter: Just because the whole world stops for this? Angela Merkel -- No. I think that would be -- unless she was giving me points. Reporter: After the game, Obama celebrated America's advancement with his Minneapolis crowd. I have to begin by congratulations our U.S. Soccer team, team usa, for advancing. Next round of the world cup. Usa. Usa. Usa. Usa. Reporter: And with Sasha and Malia moving forward in their lives, spending more time away from the house this summer, the president's been getting cabin fever. I was thinking why that is so. And part of maybe the girls are getting older. When the girls were young, we would spend the time with them. And now, you know, end up seeing them go everywhere. You're working. Reporter: Having a good time? They're having a great time. Goodness. He's got that cabin fever. He is breaking out all over the place. And he's in Minnesota last night. First, he went for some burgers. Then, he went for drinks with people. Just going to have a good time. I spent earlier in the week with Mrs. Obama. And I can tell -- the girls are growing up. And they're having to adjust. Empty nest. Early empty nest. We're going to turn to my

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{"id":24330300,"title":"Obama Says Sasha, Malia 'Having a Great Time'","duration":"3:12","description":"The president talked about family and the difficulties of scheduling meetings around the World Cup games. ","section":"GMA","mediaType":"US ONLY 08"}