President Obama, Republicans Remain Deadlocked After Sequester

George Stephanopoulos tracks the latest news on the American budget battle.
2:36 | 03/03/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for President Obama, Republicans Remain Deadlocked After Sequester
Well, with self-imposed budget cuts now forced upon the country president obama and house republicans appear as deadlocked as ever. So what will happen the next time they lock horns over the economy or anything else? Let's bring in george stephanopoulos, host of abc's "this week" just back from rome himself. Hi, guys. That next fight could come soon at the end of the month so now that both sides have proven their point can they come together? I don't think so, no. The only thing they seem to be agreeing on is that they're going to avoid the shutdown, not shut down the government in march but keep those spending cuts, keep those automatic across the board spending cuts in place at least until the end of the fiscal year which is september 30th so they basically resign themselves to the idea there's not going to be a big deal right now that includes both taxes, new taxes and spending cuts. They are agoing to keep the sequester in. What no one knows is what the impact will be and what the political fallout will be from that go let me ask you about something else. On nour show you'll do the first interview with dennis rodman, current reality tv star. Can you believe you're saying that? No, let me just finish it. One of the more bizarre utterances. He has become sort of an accidental diplomat becoming the first american to meet with kim jong-un, the new leader of north korea. There he is in the video. Here's the question for you, what's the consensus at this point? Did he oddly enough make a fresh opening for the united states with one of the most repressive and isolated regimes on the planet or get used by a brutal dictator. Clearly the north korean regime will be happy with those pictures. We'll see what he says when he comes out in his first interview and learn a lot more. He has spent more time one-on-one with kim jong-un than any other american. You know, you talk to experts right now. They say he knows more than anyone in the cia knows about kim jong-un so anything he says about the dictator is interesting but it will be interesting also to see his take on kim jong-un and whether he sticks by those words that he tweeted out coming off the trip where he said, I love this man. He's awesome. Hard to reconcile that with the human rights record of kim jong-un. With 200,000 in prison camps and no freedom of communication and all the repression in that regime it's ard to reconcile that with him saying I love this guy. Very much looking forward to your interview. Me too. George one-on-one with the worm. George has a big show coming up. He'll sit down with dennis rodman and white house economic adviser gene sperling and republican senator kelly ayotte weighing in on what's next in the budget battle.

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{"id":18640780,"title":"President Obama, Republicans Remain Deadlocked After Sequester","duration":"2:36","description":"George Stephanopoulos tracks the latest news on the American budget battle.","url":"/GMA/video/president-obama-republicans-remain-deadlocked-sequester-18640780","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}