President Obama Tops Mitt Romney in New Poll

Jake Tapper breaks down the new ABC News/Washington Post poll.
1:54 | 02/06/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for President Obama Tops Mitt Romney in New Poll
Out of politics your voice your vote and what his biggest win yet in the Nevada caucuses this weekend Mitt Romney has secured his hold on the Republican nomination. But a new ABC news Washington Post poll out this morning shows he has his work cut out for and against -- Obama. For the first time the president has opened up a -- lead against Romney 5145. And ABC's Jake Tapper is here with the united dig into the numbers pres Obama also has -- 50%. In his job approval rating for the first time since Osama bin Laden was killed but that is being into the internal numbers in the poll shows he's -- have a detrimental to Romney and -- -- shouldn't comment. He is its fascinating poll because it shows both the strengths and weaknesses of both both candidates have by the president and and -- probably should -- -- President Obama still under 15% when it comes to handling the economy and Mitt Romney even though he trails Obama this fall. Is the trusted more to handle the economy right narrow margin forty to 45 and when it comes to trusting to create jobs. Same -- 47. 45 Romney with a slight edge within the margin of error sort of how competitive this as voters really value Romney's business business expands by a very wide margin. But he is struggling on this key issue of taxes that's right this is that -- an economic indicator of leading economic indicator in terms of polls according to trust to handle taxes President Obama up. Ten points 52 to 42 when Democrats are leaving on this issue they win in November when they're trailing. They lose and here's one of the reasons George look at this number this is is -- Its fair share in taxes. 66%. Of the American people saying no they heard about -- paying only that 15% rate which is always legally required to pay when it comes to it investments and they don't like it and the more that the American people hear about Mitt Romney. The more they don't like and the White House can continue to drive that without taking anything that they're taking nothing for granted they know this probably going to be another valley -- but this is going to be a very tight race assuming -- is about mental Jake Tapper thanks very much.

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{"id":15520711,"title":"President Obama Tops Mitt Romney in New Poll","duration":"1:54","description":"Jake Tapper breaks down the new ABC News/Washington Post poll.","url":"/GMA/video/president-obama-tops-mitt-romney-poll-15520711","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}