Prince Harry to Climb Mount Everest

The prince is tackling one of the most dangerous mountains in the world.
3:21 | 01/18/12

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Transcript for Prince Harry to Climb Mount Everest
Time now for prince Harry's latest adventure last year we saw -- head of the North Pole -- ABC's own Bob Woodruff now he is tackling. Everest one of the ten most dangerous mountains in the world and ABC's nick why. Joins us from the relative safety of London with the latest -- -- I know -- be -- if you could. I wouldn't I. Well you know the only thing here there's gonna face meet today as I might slip -- that. Damp rainy sidewalk here in London but listen Prince Harry has an amazing year ahead of -- game -- -- -- -- -- royal tours to the Caribbean hardly a hardship posting he's gonna go back to war later in the year but first as you said. He's gonna go -- -- arrest. If they ever made an action man prince he'd have to have. Flame red -- Bob motorbikes Bob women helicopters. He's unleashed on -- Taliban walked across the Arctic but now he's headed for the world's highest mountain. With the same bunch of wounded soldiers raising money. -- -- -- -- Hoosiers people's films -- for them refer firmly rooted trees being old will be and dumping windows in the -- -- -- war become. Progress through your logic can do things beyond any imagination -- -- -- -- it was possible. -- ice ax in hand we'll spend a week at the top of the world flanking this majestic -- -- that kills one in ten of those who conquered. -- -- -- you funeral protection -- he'd probably just have -- -- your hands -- -- I think the only person that could say to Harry right. Stop risking your life from -- -- -- -- would be his grandmother the queen and she's not likely to say about Harry but. She's -- -- British armed forces to -- let others grandkids flirt with danger and go to war and -- -- Irene road. Harry's heading back to Afghanistan in his Apache attack helicopter later this year William the heir to the -- -- -- More multi coddled men must be -- when William looks of these younger brother into saying. I wish I was born second office. But Sen -- William and Harry that's -- a new generation of from. Young active adrenaline addicted royals -- And they indulge that wild wandering danger loving streak whenever they can but. For Harry this Everest mission the Arctic trek -- about much more than thrills spills the press in the ladies. I was with Harry and detained for walking with the -- if I'm just before Christmas very gentlemen sort of friendship that. I think Harry wants to do everything he can to basically support these guys and -- -- -- of lights on that on -- dangerous mission. Keeping Woodson we're missiles in the forefront of his mourns the puzzle is convinced them of lawlessness reverend -- -- Now Harry's only disappointment is he's not gonna make it to the summit that's like it three month expedition and Harry come spend that long minute tent with a bunch of smelly guys -- -- imagines a Playboy prince he's got other stuff to do he'll be their week. That he's coming George. President doesn't get pennies cracked me up there but that you do kind of feel sorry for -- sometimes have Vegas have all the fun. He does but Williams married -- case that's not a bad thing but yes I mean Harry gets to do all the fun stuff because he's the he's what does -- despair to the -- so no nobody cares too much about him he has all the benefits and few of the drawbacks excellent point and -- NIC thanks very much.

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{"id":15385103,"title":"Prince Harry to Climb Mount Everest","duration":"3:21","description":"The prince is tackling one of the most dangerous mountains in the world.","url":"/GMA/video/prince-harry-climb-mount-everest-15385103","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}