Prince Harry Promotes the Invictus Games on BBC Radio

The prince took to the airwaves to raise awareness for wounded veterans.
1:22 | 07/31/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Prince Harry Promotes the Invictus Games on BBC Radio
Moving on to prince harry speaking out about a cause very important to him, wounded warriors. And his new help to get them back. Linzie Janis has the story. Reporter: Prince harry is a man on a mission. This morning instead of fighting for his country on the battlefield, he's fighting to raise awareness for our wounded heroes. The point of it is to basically use the power of sport to help these guys to rehabilitate and giving them a pathway back into employment. Reporter: Harry speaking to bbc radio overnight ahead of the invictus games will showcase injured servicemen and women from 14 countries competing in everything from cycling to sitting volleyball and a concert to boot. The concert which everyone knows about is headlined from the foo fighters and James blunt and numerous other peep, so much I'm not allowed to mention. Reporter: Invictus means unconquered and hopes the games inspired by the U.S. Warrior games will motivate those fought together will overcome their injuries. The Americans have the warrior games for the last 4 1/2, 5 years and decided that it was such a wonderful concept we should steal it and make it bigger, better and open it up to a wider audience and bring it back home. Reporter: For "Good morning America," linsey Davis, ABC news.

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{"id":24786350,"title":"Prince Harry Promotes the Invictus Games on BBC Radio","duration":"1:22","description":"The prince took to the airwaves to raise awareness for wounded veterans.","url":"/GMA/video/prince-harry-promotes-invictus-games-bbc-radio-24786350","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}