Prince Philip Joins Royal Family for New Year's

Queen Elizabeth's husband rejoins royal family for holiday after health scare.
1:32 | 01/02/12

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Transcript for Prince Philip Joins Royal Family for New Year's
-- new details now on how the royal family welcomed in 2012. In his first public appearance Prince Philip appear to be recovering well from heart surgery while the younger generation. All kicked off in New -- some pretty wild parties ABC's llama Hasan has more from Monday. William and Kate partied the night away with the Middleton organized by none other than her will -- herself younger sister has not. And boy can she throw a -- fast ushering in 2012 in this yes folks it's -- TP pitched in her parents' backyard. Described as a canvas polyps compete for the dance floor he doesn't come cheap 4600. Bucks to -- at the Harry. -- the highest mountain in the world Mount Everest. And austere he was in the North Pole raising money for the charity produces cars. Walking with the wounded there -- huge example to a sold these doors and all the other wounded servicemen and women around the country. Just what -- wonderful inspiration -- But it takes months of strenuous training and he may not be ready to make it all the way to the top just -- base camp instead. Back to the New Year's celebrations their grandparents had a more subdued new years -- cy Andrea. Prince -- showing he's fighting fit stepped out for a brief walk about his first public appearance since having surgery to open a blocked -- Nothing like ringing in the new year royal style the Good Morning America and on the house and ABC news London.

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{"id":15272866,"title":"Prince Philip Joins Royal Family for New Year's","duration":"1:32","description":"Queen Elizabeth's husband rejoins royal family for holiday after health scare.","url":"/GMA/video/prince-philip-joins-royal-family-years-15272866","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}