Prince Philip Rushed to the Hospital

Husband of Queen Elizabeth is in stable condition after surgery.
2:47 | 12/24/11

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Transcript for Prince Philip Rushed to the Hospital
Royal scare for the royal family -- after complaining of chest pains prince fill up queen Elizabeth's husband was rushed to the hospital underwent emergency heart surgery last night. And just a short time ago the queen and Prince Charles arrived at the hospital to visit the prints. ABC's llama Hasan is in London with the latest drama good morning to you and what is the latest on the prince's condition. Good morning Leon -- opportunity right here's what we know as you rightly said the queen along with her -- princes Charles. And Edward. They're the first members of the world family to drop in and wish him well and the word from -- Buckingham Palace today is that the prince had a quote. Good night following his treatment. Prince Philip was choppered to a hospital sixty miles from the queen's private country estate in Sandringham. Where members of the royal family had been gathering to celebrate Christmas. The prince was suffering chest pains and officers on proportion -- tests he had minor surgery to open a blocked archery. If you're going to have a problem with your heart this is a good one to have to have an isolated blockage that can be successfully opened -- -- less invasive way with the -- In a statement Buckingham Palace said it was a successful invasive procedure. Fit for his age Prince Philip has generally enjoyed good health and until recently taking -- -- -- in the month -- carriage driving competition. The last time he was hospitalized was in 2008 for chest infection. Even then -- -- who's been described as a tough man didn't accept any visitors referring to catch up with paperwork instead. Rarely missing any royal occasions he's always by his -- side and that he knows it won't tool -- When I campus but it has had to listen to me speaking. But he has quite simply it in my strength -- stay only yes. But -- he turned ninety in June he scaled down as grueling schedule. -- and I've done my bit say the government drone -- from but he did not. With less responsibility less. Frantic rushing about less preparation. And -- some widened. For the first time Cates will spend it would be in -- hosted by the woman and her majesty queen. If Green is set to prefer handmade gifts instead of extravagant ones. And according to some sources -- is being harder work making her homemade strawberry -- A hint perhaps. Well the royal family is continuing with their Christmas festivities in keeping with -- tradition they will Begin with high -- today. Followed by a formal dinner and then the official opening of gifts but the question is -- prince fill up the well enough to join in the celebration.

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{"id":15227048,"title":"Prince Philip Rushed to the Hospital","duration":"2:47","description":"Husband of Queen Elizabeth is in stable condition after surgery. ","url":"/GMA/video/prince-philip-rushed-hospital-15227048","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}