Prince William, Kate Middleton Baby Speculation After Water Toast

The Duchess of Cambridge raised eyebrows when she made a toast with water instead of wine.
3:00 | 09/12/12

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Transcript for Prince William, Kate Middleton Baby Speculation After Water Toast
Hope it was a good slice. Now, to the latest on prince william and kate's royal tour, and new speculation about a baby. Sparked by william, and kate who raised a lot of eyebrows when she toasted with water, not wine. You can guess what the british press did with that one. Bob woodward is in singapore with the details. Good morning, bob. Reporter: Good morning, george. There's been so much infatuation about this couple again today, william and kate, as it has so many times. But this time, the topic really was about pregnancy. And that means, there's a whole, new round of frenzied speculation. It was at this dinner, with the president and prime minister of singapore, while william and the others raised their glasses of wine to toast the queen, kate politely passed on the wine to drink water instead. Not once, but twice, which left many wondering if finally there's an heir in there. People do look at them and wonder if they are signs. People whispering, going, is she pregnant? Reporter: Of course, there's absolutely no evidence of this. Kate, after all, is not a big alcohol drinker. But this topic just kept brewing today. William told one fan that he hoped to have two children. The first time he gave a specific number. Very much, yeah. Looking forward to them, you know, the offspring very much. Reporter: The crowds were huge today. For william -- I have a crush on william since I was 11. Reporter: For kate, they watched every smile, every movement of her dress, looking for any hint of a baby bump. Last night, kate made a nod to singapore-born designer, goran, scoring high marks. Today, william and kate went to promote british interests at the rolls-royce plant, where he spoke and she showed off her muscles. Kate will be moving into the spotlight. She and her husband, william, will be flying from here over to kuala lumpur, the capital of malaysia. There, she will deliver her first overseas speech, about her charity work. The chances, george, he's going to talk about this baby is very, very unlikely. I think you agree. I think that's right, bob. I heard delivery -- and i started to listen even more. Come on.

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{"id":17216468,"title":"Prince William, Kate Middleton Baby Speculation After Water Toast","duration":"3:00","description":"The Duchess of Cambridge raised eyebrows when she made a toast with water instead of wine.","url":"/GMA/video/prince-william-kate-middleton-baby-speculation-water-toast-17216468","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}