Prince William Rescues 2 from Sinking Cargo Ship

British royal risks high wind, waves to make daring chopper rescue at sea.
1:59 | 11/28/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Prince William Rescues 2 from Sinking Cargo Ship
Out of that higher risk -- rescue led by Prince William. On a mission to -- ship wrecked sailors out the very stormy waters. ABC's nick watt has the latest from London on the royals a dangerous. Mission -- morning. Good morning Robin well he is heir to the thrown but Prince William is also a -- front -- search and rescue helicopter pilot and he was on DC this weekend. When the call came in. The ship had gone bad. In the Irish -- Prince William has trained for years for high adrenaline high danger moments like this. William yet I would have tested every ounce of skill that he's had to learn a short of being a combat pilot in Afghanistan on the helicopter. This is about dangers that get. To -- fierce winds highs each of the cargo ships -- and some. William and his group. Spot survivors from Iraq. I suspect went in the danger -- these parts of the attractions for him. They hover above the waves and winds should -- -- to plot to Russian sailors to safety sailors who -- this -- their lives. Sailors who have no idea they -- Prince William. De La he is that. As an ordinary guy when he's not flying signal Prince William -- -- try to -- violence. Millions destiny is to be -- he doesn't. Have to do this so why does the rest of his life when he sees guards with them medals -- -- -- royals going to -- once they have to. Look mignon. -- -- -- -- for real peace Bradley showed his grandma around his base and brought Kate to name a new life. The. Their lives on this remote island in joint peace tranquility and for William. Occasional flash that's the big -- danger. Now five sailors from that stricken ship are still missing one already confirmed dead and Prince William he's -- -- Back here in London for a reception tonight at Buckingham Palace but Robert and George his mind know that still -- -- Over the storming piracy sure it has all right NIC thank you very much she's very different --

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{"id":15039054,"title":"Prince William Rescues 2 from Sinking Cargo Ship","duration":"1:59","description":"British royal risks high wind, waves to make daring chopper rescue at sea.","url":"/GMA/video/prince-william-rescues-sinking-cargo-ship-daring-chopper-15039054","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}