Prince William Returns From Falklands Tour

The royal newlyweds will be reunited after the prince's military deployment.
1:06 | 03/21/12

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Transcript for Prince William Returns From Falklands Tour
Turning now to a royal homecoming that's likely got such as -- very -- -- this morning. Her friends Prince William returning to Britain this morning after his deployment overseas where he's been stationed since February ABC's nick -- Is in London and it is a good morning and -- day is that not panic. It is Robin flight lieutenant Wales AKA Prince William is back in -- -- put on a pretty brave face while he's been away six weeks flying helicopters in the Balkan violence. She's been that the bat with the queen with the -- -- giving speeches. She's done -- -- hadn't even noticed William was gone but I'm sure she noticed and who knows maybe she was crying herself to sleep every night Tom her silk princess -- anyway. He is back and they're gonna take a little break now they're gonna probably got their place in Wales. Walk the dog chill hang she will know that Robin be ecstatic that he's back. No doubt and they deserve a little. Holiday but should go to be moving into a new home tell us -- bit more about that -- Well Kensington Palace Robin remember -- -- -- -- sneak preview of that place last year when you reverend for the wedding. They're going to be moving into an apartment there that part of that palace that is open to the public. Has just reopened after a two year nineteen million dollar facelift so you can go and get a taste of the place where. Queen Victoria live where Princess Diana lived and of course where Kate and William that you have been added to their apartments for the rest the place stunning. I know who has he said we were there we saw firsthand. -- -- How are you all across the pond -- -- lot as a lot of baby talk. That's up -- and I'm not gonna get involved in regulation OK well not all I will say is that apparently. It helps if you're trying to conceive a baby altitude you live in the same city -- --

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{"id":15968804,"title":"Prince William Returns From Falklands Tour","duration":"1:06","description":"The royal newlyweds will be reunited after the prince's military deployment.","url":"/GMA/video/prince-william-returns-falklands-tour-15968804","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}