'Project Runway' Stars Tim Gunn, Zac Posen Discuss New Season

Fashion judges reveal details on the 11th season of the design competition.
2:33 | 01/23/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Project Runway' Stars Tim Gunn, Zac Posen Discuss New Season
friend, tim gunn, and the newest judge to join "project runway" superstar zac posen. The show kicks off the 11th season tomorrow. Gentlemen, welcome. Thanks for being with us. Zac, why dou decide to join the show?You need more to do? Lots more put on the schedule. It was an amazing opportunity. You're an incredible addition. Are you a simon cowell? No, absolutely not. I'm a softy and a sweetie pie. In my heart. But I do, you know, expect a level of excellence and I wanted the designers to have their personal best in front of us. So I tried to give good guidance while being funny and keeping the show entertaining. And zac has a very high bar of standards. It's a wonderful thing. This season is different. The contestants are working on teams. They're not individuals. How does that change the show and the dynamic? They have to play nicely with each other, if in a manner of speaking. A lot of people are upset about this. They think the designers are compromising their point of view. They're not. We have a clip of the show where the judges discuss how the team work affects the final outcome. I like it. It's another set of eyes that are going to be giving an opinion and hopefully, the paragets raised. They judge them before we get to judge them. Day have to decide if they're being truthful with their advice. What if they're telling each other it's not so good or it is good. This is great. And as the competition foes on, the good souls and hearts will come through. One can only hope. What was the biggest surprise for you? I think the biggest surprise was seeing vast creativity out of these young designers. See what a united front they had in front of us as judges because we would have to decipher who did what out of every project. And it was really hard to tell because they just had a very united front. I think when you see the show, as the show unfolds, you'll have this incredible experience of the cracks starting to show. Oh roh, we can't wait. Thank you both for joiningus. The new season of "project runway" premiers tomorrow night on lifetime. Don't miss it.

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{"id":18292159,"title":"'Project Runway' Stars Tim Gunn, Zac Posen Discuss New Season","duration":"2:33","description":"Fashion judges reveal details on the 11th season of the design competition.","url":"/GMA/video/project-runway-stars-tim-gunn-zac-posen-interview-18292159","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}