Rachel Ray Reveals Top 3 Recipes From 1,000 Shows

TV chef celebrates big milestone by preparing fan-favorite recipes on "GMA."
4:11 | 02/16/12

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Transcript for Rachel Ray Reveals Top 3 Recipes From 1,000 Shows
Congratulations to one of our best GMA friends today Rachael Ray she is here to celebrate. 1000. And. Know incredible writing I -- sixty years -- -- making. -- -- -- yes that's right and I you know we were just chatting over the break. I bet you with. Our partners in crime over Food Network I -- -- between eleven years there in the daytime show we probably 2000. And closing you know Regis I well yeah. I thought -- thousands. Yeah. -- you know my staff came up with a great sort of diabolical plan the show airs Monday are thousandth episode and I literally walked in. And didn't know what going -- yet like a total surprise. And you know Oprah she's the whole raising you know she got a started a thousand shows ago. I can't believe it but it was a really really exciting I don't let the cat out of the -- we got a -- I -- in -- -- -- episodes it is the first time they ever gave me the day off I did not have to cook one when you have. Really we're surprised almost. I had zero idea I will say -- -- -- into the studio. There was not one audience member there so are actually started to well up and -- -- from night -- and that's what's in the highly. You know we started our children's initiative. Five years ago with President Clinton he came on to launch -- kids that nutrition initiative. Michael J. Fox dancing cheek to cheek with Michael J. Fox is liberty head. Ultra that was pretty fun having Oprah in an elevator come onto those are all the good -- as a good here's some of the bloopers. So why -- you guys were -- and -- -- -- -- Please give your union platinum flexible -- -- a hard surface. You got this if you -- It was and it starts to protect not quite out -- You -- these illegal. And yeah. It's. Yeah. Okay. It's news. Well -- -- -- friend show and that worked beautifully during the rehearsal. And that I want him appear shooters and it is an air -- shoes to divide Barbados they were. Italian made that cost me about 600 block didn't expect that I would not last forever a OK we have the most downloaded risking your favorites -- you know we've got way more than a thousand recipes on the website because several of the -- We have 234 as many -- ten recipes in Asia. So out of all of our shows out of a thousand episodes. These three dishes were in the top three buffalo chicken chili. That kids especially -- that spinach artichoke Mac and cheese snack if she's anything -- -- that. And this one pretzel crusted chicken restaurant chatter and -- size. That was actually made by Jessica Simpson on the -- this so I think that's probably why that was one of the most out -- recipe. It was the persons during the song and do we know which ones means had turned over here now which was your favorite -- which which -- do you think you guys a little online poll I know that pretzel. Yeah apparently I definitely. Think the club championship went -- grab the -- with a pretzel chicken breasts ultimately intentionally don't really going to be -- membership cake and -- yeah. He noted mentally noted I'm coming. And that is probably can't just looking -- and which would you say people probably download list. With killing -- good I was the only. Right and everybody would think Chile Chile was beat it reigns supreme four years then but I got -- idea it's the spinach artichoke hat and shoes. -- -- -- That's surprising but. That spinach artichoke -- everybody loves that anything with acting genes everybody that's crazy that's great congratulations again thank -- -- Monday 8000 shelling hit three Rachel's top recipes. We going to Good Morning America dot com and --

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{"id":15679258,"title":"Rachel Ray Reveals Top 3 Recipes From 1,000 Shows","duration":"4:11","description":"TV chef celebrates big milestone by preparing fan-favorite recipes on \"GMA.\"","url":"/GMA/video/rachel-ray-reveals-top-recipes-1000-shows-15679258","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}