Rare Killer-Whale Sightings Off California Coast

Multiple reports of a dozen orcas have whale watchers thrilled in Orange County.
2:15 | 01/05/12

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Transcript for Rare Killer-Whale Sightings Off California Coast
Now those rare pictures of -- And surfacing off the Southern California coast there have been multiple sightings of about it. Dozen of them swimming offshore experts are saying they could -- to family groups out for a long distance family vacation. ABC's David Wright has their story. Yeah. Aside from SeaWorld in San Diego killer whales are a rare thing to behold -- Southern California. -- drew post home for the holidays captured these crystal clear images here this week. We've got some amazing records -- you that you very much when was the -- -- -- First time he's ever seen -- outside Orange County. The day and night I grew up here. Agency grey whales sea blue whales -- never killer whales and naturally we wanted to see this rare sight ourselves. But it -- just a few miles offshore site. The school of dolphins it turns out -- -- dolphins two giant -- the way they swim you can see the family resemblance. Yeah maybe the marine biologists who track these whales know them individually by name. These are two mothers known as CA 51 of them CA 140. And eight of their -- story. Normally they'd -- 300 miles north and Monterey Bay. What brought them on this rare journey sound. -- right there seal lions apparently killer whales eat them. Now he's still alive look at a -- captured rather dramatically on camera this week from the deck of another Orange County -- dolphins safari. The last for us lightning didn't strike twice we -- -- gray whales and -- plenty impressive. The killer whales beat gray whales for lunch. I'm jealous we'll have to step down. What they look -- coming out I'm sure you'll see -- -- in the meantime it's climbed just tell marveled at these pictures. Good Morning America David Wright ABC news on board the scene of for a. We're marveling at the pictures to our hardworking crew here in the studio they -- even stopping and staring at the monitors and looking at those pictures.

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{"id":15295542,"title":"Rare Killer-Whale Sightings Off California Coast","duration":"2:15","description":"Multiple reports of a dozen orcas have whale watchers thrilled in Orange County.","url":"/GMA/video/rare-killer-whale-sightings-off-california-coast-15295542","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}