Rare Winter Tornado Slams South

David Kerley reports on the damage from the tornado that hit Alabama and Georgia
1:43 | 12/23/11

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Transcript for Rare Winter Tornado Slams South
This this was a house yesterday. And it is completely demolished you know this storm brought some powerful winds and plenty of Rangers -- -- Alabama and Georgia this fairly and others. Are lucky to be alive. Overnight it was the worst kind of Christmas surprise a tornado. Fairly through Alabama bringing winds of up to eighty miles an hour pounding areas like Columbia and a -- more than fifty trees damaging multiple homes. Farther east you're in Georgia that same storm damaged homes and businesses across the northern part of the state multiple injuries as a result of so much flying glass. They look like -- grayish black wild might just in my spring garden and everything around a tree limb came straight down -- -- -- and hit -- are living room. Tens of thousands are now without power just two days before Christmas. On streets downed trees cars overturned on the highways. The -- got Bologna and there's room. The blast flying around this family was on their way to take their toddler to -- Santa when a massive storm hit. I tell everybody get ambassador soda in the bathroom. And I'm home all around -- don't know about the house started checking. And then we started -- here we go. Keep bear hug and -- -- -- thirty yard and we still -- We were all holding each other in my son was in the middle of -- he definitely save our lives. She was very very proud of her husband I mean they actually altogether rolled onto the lawn together until the winds past. A happy ending they actually were no injuries involved in that family at all. And they're looking forward to a quieter Christmas -- -- I'm sure they are David thank you.

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{"id":15219663,"title":"Rare Winter Tornado Slams South","duration":"1:43","description":"David Kerley reports on the damage from the tornado that hit Alabama and Georgia","url":"/GMA/video/rare-winter-tornado-slams-south-15219663","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}