Real-Life Night at the Museum

The American Museum of Natural History's sleepover attraction brings family fun after dark.
3:00 | 03/13/14

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Transcript for Real-Life Night at the Museum
There -- eight million things to junior Danny and chances are coming with can't. A -- to the American you -- natural history at the top of your last. I'm sure you could learn about dinosaur -- our solar system during regular visiting hours but what you. Now is that you actually have the chance to spend the night we need to do things they would never like he did during the like. Higher credit Ben Stiller blockbuster now. -- shot from right inside these walls and the American Museum of Natural History welcomed hundreds overnight gas more than twenty times for year. But you might wonder why it's those -- -- Being able to wander around the museum with the families -- close friends and -- -- one -- -- -- -- -- -- by yourself and just explorer and. So this is the hundreds of people we're spending ninety museum -- sleeping tonight hum ocean like underneath I 94 foot long blue well. We're all bunking up we've all got our hot they're sleeping bag -- is going to be in their pajamas that I don't know how much that we're actually getting at. The -- started and it goes until lights out which is around midnight I worry there wouldn't be enough to use my -- and now for six hours but I was wrong. In Louisiana laying -- four city blocks it turns out there's Wayne more than you could ever do just one night. During the two hours open exploration -- -- -- to -- just about everything but butterfly conservatory was incredible. -- -- -- Beyond butterflies alive and the participants to walk through the very -- out of pleasant land on them. We have volunteers and that they teach them. About butterflies and other inhabitants in the -- pretty exciting. What are the highlights of the evening -- -- like animals. Snakes hissing -- questions from Rachel the last problem if you at look at children's. We're very dependent on time here with and it's really to teach kids about -- -- end her life and and just when you thought and I couldn't get any better it was time for the fossil exploration. Good thing -- brighter flashlights. Everybody gets it really -- book. Questions and -- flashlight. To roam around dinosaur halls and to sort of find answers to questions in their annual book. We are stokes say that if an accident -- is part of our magnesium kids what are -- seeing. Routinely. I'm -- let's got -- After -- -- learning exploring and seeing an awesome my next we discovered the best part about going to the united in easy. Before we decided to turn it into the night we took a stroll around the medium high -- out of the -- -- -- -- You're able to seek out in the long hallways without anybody in the black. As long as we want to while looking at the exit at. The overall silence of the building was incredible. Right here every -- and the last order of the screen isn't bad times story at what more perfect story that -- that -- -- easy out. And -- that it was time to find our hot hit the lights and -- night at the museum. For ABC news and Yahoo! News this is -- job.

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{"id":22896246,"title":"Real-Life Night at the Museum ","duration":"3:00","description":"The American Museum of Natural History's sleepover attraction brings family fun after dark.","url":"/GMA/video/real-life-night-museum-22896246","section":"GMA","mediaType":"yahoo only"}