Wife's MPH Problem: Couple's Video Goes Viral

Woman's inability to figure out a simple math problem has 3.5 million views.
3:03 | 03/23/12

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Transcript for Wife's MPH Problem: Couple's Video Goes Viral
And now to the viral video posted online by a husband asking his wife a simple math question. We're gonna find out just how much hot water he's in in a moment but first here is ABC's Dan Harris. Hey what do you think -- dressed -- chambers and his wife Chelsea were on a road trip when he decided to pose a math question. You are traveling need -- ask for our. How long distance -- minutes ago eighty miles. -- -- -- His wife clearly over thinking the issue comes up -- this -- to -- Think about. -- miles per hour. So -- Take weeks ago eighty miles and -- needy. And yeah -- -- aren't tanking fast. -- I -- I don't mean some. Hires through the. Definitely -- Yeah. -- Our economy -- the answer is we -- an hour. Your guess is close split mountain party. Then you'll go forty miles. One out yeah. -- the end of the video there's a telling moment when Chelsea says this. This morning she might be wishing -- asked that just a few minutes earlier per hour for Good Morning America Dan Harris ABC news New York. -- --

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{"id":15985151,"title":"Wife's MPH Problem: Couple's Video Goes Viral","duration":"3:03","description":"Woman's inability to figure out a simple math problem has 3.5 million views.","url":"/GMA/video/real-meaning-mph-wifes-problem-couples-video-viral-15985151","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}