Rental Service Prevents Toy Boredom

Parents worry hard-earned cash will be wasted on toys their children tire of.
3:09 | 12/27/11

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Transcript for Rental Service Prevents Toy Boredom
-- you can save big and your kids toys that may be welcome news for a lot of parents like us. ABC's -- -- -- is back with us via Skype this morning to talk about a new toy rental service that can actually save you hundreds of dollars each year and keep the kids entertained Becky. Good morning Elizabeth unites two days after Christmas like kids haven't squabble they -- melted down they say please and thank you and it's all because of new toys from Christmas. Wouldn't want that feeling to last all year -- Christmas. -- -- Excitement. Something brand new to play -- -- tags still on the ice. Tons to elicit my kids just love playing with and Christmas become more than just once a year. That's being -- elsewhere. Hope is the founder of twenty go through a web based police service that bills itself as we are the Netflix until. Moms and dads described the 25 dollars a month and they get bored voice -- to their homes. That -- has been -- that it. About a 120 dollars respectfully she takes -- -- dollars hour. According to the toy association parents spend an average of 22. Billion dollars a year on toys some parents try to sell Louis sun edict hassled and -- -- resale values inhibitors. When it comes to finding a bargain on toys some hunted to drive sales but give up and just yell out the cash for -- -- Tonight he says twenty who is a big money -- Brent. Says -- made music that. We need -- -- that parents anywhere. 818100. Dollars -- year. Shipped out as often as six times a year. Large dent in uses to a group for her daughter Tallulah. Stevie. She loves that she's it's like her getting a president. Every time a new box -- she has -- president are. Has a new box of toys that she gets so excited to open up. Employees inspect reassembled and sanitized. Lead happier right about cleanliness of bars. Aimed at kids 170 mile puzzles learning tablets and this is a day -- just like. Needed this for a long time. And this year he's -- new toys may be the best option. Her family stretching a dollar and as far as their children's life. Right now to a -- a pretty small operation but it was actually -- on the TV shows shark tank and got both Kevin O'Leary and Mark Cuban to invest in our company's Elizabeth they are poised to -- big. And we know how often those toys just go out the window after a month or so that's a great idea all right Becky thanks so much.

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{"id":15238814,"title":"Rental Service Prevents Toy Boredom","duration":"3:09","description":"Parents worry hard-earned cash will be wasted on toys their children tire of.","url":"/GMA/video/rental-service-prevents-toy-boredom-15238814","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}