Rescued swimmers surprise beachgoers who rescued their family

Bryan and Roberta Ursrey say "thank you" in person to the strangers who formed a human chain to pull their family from a rip current at Panama City Beach, Florida.
8:22 | 07/17/17

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Transcript for Rescued swimmers surprise beachgoers who rescued their family
morning and we have the story behind that incredible image just grabbed our hearts. Many so of those heroes are here after a family was caught this a rip current. This exemplified good samaritans. 70 mil 70 and it started when this family's sons were swept away. They were screaming and crying and begging for me to get them out. Reporter: Roberta and along with her husband, brother, nephew all caught in the power Finn riptide. Derek Simmons came up with a life-saving plan. Let's get as many as we can to grab hand, wrists. We just kept yelling at the beach, people we need help. Reporter: Strangers joined in. One by one pulling the victims safely to shore. Oh, my gosh. It is great to have Derek and Jessica Simmons, his mother Mary, their nieces kelsea and Katelyn and their friend Adam. Give them a big hand. And momma would say, I just want to look at you. All this video. We wanted to bring as many of you together to say thank you so much and I know Derek and Jessica, it was your original idea. Just tell us how did you come up with this. It was just on a whim. Everything just was real clear. You know, when we got over and we noticed what was going on and we were already waist deep in the water, it was just -- it was just clear, get in the water, get them out, but we -- I knew just on prior instinct, growing up in rivers and Lakes, around rivers and Lakes, that you got to -- if you're too far out you got to have something to get back in, so it was -- we didn't have a rope or didn't have anything so the only thing that could come to my mind was arm to arm, we can make links and get out to them. You're yelling down the beach. What are you yelling to people. I'm yelling, guys, grab arm, grab wrist, we got to make a long enough pathway to get to them. You guys had to swim out to start the chain for everybody to join. Right, exactly. Like they were performing the chain, getting everything together. They were yelling at people. They were yelling that they need two more feet to get to these people. Well as that was going, I had a boogie board so swam out there to give it to them to try to keep them afloat so the human kwhan could get to them in time. Mary, you know, you guys aren't thinking of yourselves. You're thinking of others. No, ma'am. It's just -- I believe that that's the way we were brought up. You know, if you can help someone in need you always should help someone in need and I would want someone to do that for my family. So it was very important to me that we all join in and help. You know what I loved about the human chain, it was the human chain. Yes. People of all races, sizes, everybody. Yes. That was the most humbling part for myself is to see all different nationalities. People that don't speak the same language, races, shapes, size, religion. Doesn't matter. Didn't matter at that point. You know what got me, many, many things about this, but, Derek, when we ran the story and you said I'm just an average Joe. I wasn't in the military and we said, honey, come on now. But that's what you felt that you -- you don't know that's within you to be a hero. No, you don't. None of you do. Well, you know, this is a big couch. There's a lot of space here. You know, I could lay out on it but we want to bring out some very special people, Roberta and Brian, two of the people that you helped save in that rip current. Thank you. How are you doing, man? Good. Thank you so much. Any time. How are you? So happy for you. How are you? You sit on down. Sit down right here. Oh. What do you want to say to them? Thank you. I mean, y'all are my angels that day. All of y'all, the whole chai you know, Sean and tab that, all of y'all, y'all have -- y'all my angels that day that saved my family. And without y'all and god that day we wouldn't be here. And how is everybody? I know that your sons were in the water and they're doing okay and -- They -- they're good. They're scared to go back in the water. They don't want to go to the beach any time soon but they're good. They hated they couldn't get to be here today. They're at home helping take care of ghani, my mom just got out of the hospital. She had to go to the hospital after that. She had a massive heart attack during the ordeal and she -- There she is. Yep. She -- she was bound for two days and had a whole bunch of procedures and everything done but she's -- by god's grace she's going to make it. That had to be something -- total strangers. It was. It was amazing to see the entire chain form. When they could have been doing anything else they wanted to. Yeah. They just stopped doing everything they were doing to form -- at that point it didn't matter who you were, what race you were from, what your background is, they stopped to help save my family. Well, I know that you are saying thank you and your sons, they couldn't be here but they want to say thank you to you all. They have this little video for you. Thank you for showing so much courage and being there for us. We couldn't thank you all enough and you are our heroes. Both: Thank you. Ah. What is the message here? What do you think? For me the message we get a lot of bad news, there's a lot of things that go on in our universe this our world that shows a lot of hate and I -- I just hope that -- we didn't do this for any limelight. We did it just -- we did it because that's what we would want somebody to do for our family and, you know, I think the message for me is that if you're unsure, you know, of course, I wouldn't want to hear of anybody hurting theirselves but do unto others as you'd want done unto you. If you can help somebody, it doesn't have to save a life but if you can feed them, feed them. If they're hungry, you don't -- that's just how we were brought up is that you lend a hand to anyone in need that you can. Uh-huh. You done real good with this kid. This is your son. Yes. Wow. And you raised him to be like that. Yes, ma'am. Thank you. Oooh. I mean, we were part of the news and have to do these stories. You know, the beginning of the show and there's so much that's going on in the world. When we saw this, we said, we have to have you here. We have to show people that there's good in the world. So thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you,

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{"id":48673688,"title":"Rescued swimmers surprise beachgoers who rescued their family","duration":"8:22","description":"Bryan and Roberta Ursrey say \"thank you\" in person to the strangers who formed a human chain to pull their family from a rip current at Panama City Beach, Florida.","url":"/GMA/video/rescued-swimmers-surprise-beachgoers-formed-human-chain-48673688","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}