Researchers Look for Ways to Make Kids Eat Their Veggies Without Hassle

Studies show that how parents pitch certain foods could affect kids' responsiveness to them.
4:06 | 06/10/14

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Transcript for Researchers Look for Ways to Make Kids Eat Their Veggies Without Hassle
Now to our heat index, could researchers have cracked the code to get kids to eat their veggies. One of the most popular stories on the "New York times" website, revealing the solution to the problem could be on how to pitch it. You have to avoid telling them, veggies will make you smarter or stronger. Okay a professor at the university of Chicago who co-authored the study, when feeding the children, quote, nothing helps beyond no message whatsoever. Treat veggies like any other fo Nothing is going to make a difference is what he's saying. Kind of hide it a little bit. Put it in certain foods. I found that to be very effective. I do think there's something in the kinship where they think something is good for it must not taste good. A way we can make those worlds mingle. Can we get r5 to eat veggies. Also burning up the heat index, trending big overnight on our website at ABC news, an article breaking down 15 bad habits that drain your energy, skipping exercise when you're tired, not consuming enough iron, checking your e-mail at bedtime and you have trouble saying no. Another one right there. We want to bring in Dr. Richard Besser for his thoughts. The one that stuck out to me was definitely skipping the exercise when you're tired is going to hurt you. I'm too tired to exercise. But actually, exercise increasing your energy level. You know, it may be something as simple as getting up and taking a brisk walk around the block may give you the energy that you were lacking. We talked about it off-camera yesterday about saying no. And how we're often pleasers. It's true. People who can't say no, you end up using energy on things you wouldn't. You put those things together, by the end of the day, you feel like you have had no time for yourself. You're exhausted. I'm not going to go to work for the next three days. Just say no, Dan. You may have to practice saying no. Starting right now. I read a great tip I think it was on slate, when someone asks you something would you do it tomorrow, kind of gives you answer. That's good. You can practice in the car saying no. Do you want to do the next story? No. Do you want to do the medical story? No. It's actually liberating. See other bad habits that drain your energy on our website. Also on the heat index, excuse me, doctor, I'm going to go over to the social square. This is something having to do with a big reveal for anybody who's following the world cup. Here's a fun way to support for your country's team. Type in hashtag and your country's three-letter approve yags. # Usa, the flag will appear afterwards. The usa is predicted to beat Ghana, but not advance beyond the group stage. Brazil is predicted to win. Back over to you guys. Next up in the heat index, confessions of a serial online dater, not quite as sinister as

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{"id":24069438,"title":"Researchers Look for Ways to Make Kids Eat Their Veggies Without Hassle","duration":"4:06","description":"Studies show that how parents pitch certain foods could affect kids' responsiveness to them.","url":"/GMA/video/researchers-ways-make-kids-eat-veggies-hassle-24069438","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}