Richard Blais of 'Top Chef All-Stars' Plays 'Guess That Ingredient'

The "Top Chef All-Stars" winner prepares kid-friendly dishes with a secret healthy ingredient.
3:00 | 08/27/12

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Transcript for Richard Blais of 'Top Chef All-Stars' Plays 'Guess That Ingredient'
♪ Take me to your best friend's house ♪ back to school time means ma meal-planning for the kids. Richard blais is here. I want to ask you about the cookbook. It's "try this at home." It just dropped, as the cool kids say. It's "try this hat home." We have a new week cover. It's from my head to your plate. That's my head on a plate. This is something everybody could try at home. We're going to guess the secret ingredients. What is the first dish? We're back to school. Healthy food. This is a caesar's salad. We used kale instead of romaine. It that has anchovies, the lemon, the garlic. I can guess I need a breath mint. Buttermilk? Is it a low-fat dressing of some sort? Close. I'm going make the big reveal. You want to do it? Big reveal. It's tofu. Oh. How did you do it? It's usually made with an emulsion of eggs and oil. We replaced it with a soft tofu. It's good. The mac and cheese. Stick to your ribs food. Everyone loves it. My I had cans could live on it. It's got cheese, macaroni. Can you guess the secret healthy ingredient. Um, buttermilk? Is there a theme here? I don't know. I don't know, richard. It takes right. You're so close. Oh. Greek yogurt. What does that replace? A lot of the butter and flour. It's so good. I need that recipe for my kids. How about chili? It is meaty. All the traditional spites spices. You have a little bit of worcestershire. There's not as much meat in it. We're this the right direction. It's right there. Tofu? Not tofu or buttermilk. Sit -- it's -- garbanzo beans and mushrooms. Mushrooms have the flavor of savory. As we try this one. You have the new show coming out, "life after top chef." IT PREMIERS OCTOBER 3rd. Follows me and three cast mates from "top chef" around. Gets into our regular lives. What is this? Chocolate pudding or mousse. It's got chocolate in it. Cocoa powder. Oh, my gosh. No way. Avocado. I can taste it now. I knew it. A good natural fat. It's pure rks d. If I can get my kids to eat this, you're any new hero. Find the recipes on goodmorningamerica.Com. Coming up, it's mandisa,

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{"id":17086160,"title":"Richard Blais of 'Top Chef All-Stars' Plays 'Guess That Ingredient'","duration":"3:00","description":"The \"Top Chef All-Stars\" winner prepares kid-friendly dishes with a secret healthy ingredient.","url":"/GMA/video/richard-blais-top-chef-all-stars-plays-guess-ingredient-17086160","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}