Ricki Lake, Celebrities Share Birth Stories

Ricki Lake talks about her new documentary "The Business of Being Born Two."
3:51 | 11/07/11

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Transcript for Ricki Lake, Celebrities Share Birth Stories
Today we have a great story and her campaign million -- challenge to raise awareness about maternal health. In the developing world and this time we take a look at what -- -- Ricki Lake is doing to help. ABC's be on ankle injury that has the story. I had I think you know when delivered right into. I delivered me. It Ricki lake's new documentary we get a fascinating glimpse into the most private moments in the lives of some very public women. Including supermodel Gisele Bundchen and Cindy Crawford singer Alanis Morissette and actors Alice Finley can again of How I Met Your Mother. My body -- into an animal like state. Where it. I never I mean during a contraction -- might have been -- and god help me you know somebody but I never. Thought I can't exist anymore. My job as a mom that I felt at that moment -- -- just. Grief. Relax and allow my body Entrust my body to do when it for what he knows what naturally. Knows what to do in all talk candidly about the joy and well the pain of having a home -- The feedback I got from my -- and my midwife and an -- and my husband is that I was very quiet the whole time. And seeing what they felt was a deep trance and deep prayer and a deep meditation and that was their perception of me from outside. Cone from you side however. My experience with -- is that it just sheer survival. He. Just the most intense experience. And and it was a site. I can't believe I -- that and then. The message I'm sending is not about. Have a home -- if like me I am very pro hospital I am pro doctor but I'm also pro. The consumer doing their due diligence and making an informed choice that is best for them and their baby for these women to come forward with some of their most intimate details how did you have to sign up for some of them that he had the birth experiences they had because of what they've learned in our films summit hospital -- But they really believe in the cause -- women. Need to feel empowered and we need to and sort of feed every each other without judgment. Today Ricky is extending her passion for the rights of mothers to address the urgent needs of women in the developing world. She's joined ABC news million -- challenge to raise awareness. Whether it's having clean water. Having prenatal care. Teaching about birth control whatever I mean it's it's really it really can impact in a huge way and save mothers and babies and you lose a mother you lose the family and it's basically teaching moms in America. About the struggles of mothers in developing countries are experiencing. The two subjects really do go hand has in many ways absolutely one million babies would be saved if only. There were trained midwives available for them -- -- it's. It's it's and it's shocking and sad and I think can we all should do we can to. -- give every woman in this world -- it took good care. And for woman watching us sitting at home who's either pregnant or not even pregnant yet deciding may be that they'll be pregnant soon what is it that they should take away from your mission right now. Ultimately my my dream is. That if we eat our generation has these positive amazing birth stories and we share those with our daughters. And then our daughters were -- have these positive for its experiences and that. -- change the system. And tomorrow you can join -- for a huge global event a worldwide baby shower online all day long connecting moms around the world. An offering some great prices as well show you care by being there. All you have to do is go to millions -- challenge dot com. Which is a joint project of ABC news and the UN foundation and.

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{"id":14896622,"title":"Ricki Lake, Celebrities Share Birth Stories","duration":"3:51","description":"Ricki Lake talks about her new documentary \"The Business of Being Born Two.\"","url":"/GMA/video/ricki-lake-celebrities-alanis-morissette-cindy-crawford-personal-baby-stories-million-moms-challenge-14896622","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}